Tomine-esque 9-to-5 heartbreak awkwardly pushed out onto the dance floor with the stereo clipping and everyone staring.


Having taken up the moniker of his own name to play music under in the early 00s, Frase has played up and down New Zealand with lots bands, as himself and in recent history as apart of FRASE+BRI.

Initially using what instruments he had available (numerous commodore 64's, broken casio keyboards and a guitar), Frase's sound was born from DIY necessity. Now, much handier with a soldering-iron, Frase has collected the sounds that first turned him on to music, most influentially the the general midi Roland SoundCanvas (a traditional staple sound-set from early PC Adventure Games). By using less desirable midi hardware, Frase is able to conjure up the pixelated worlds of the early 90s, playing the role of dungeon master on the dance floor whilst reminding you that you have to get up early for work tomorrow.

Frase is currently working on recording some singles and a compilation of such to fulfill an album grant, which will be released under his own label Crystal Magic sometime this year.

Frase is the perfect post-Hughes soundtrack to dancing-by-yourself-in-your-bedroom.

Bands Frase has played with include: Yacht (US), Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (AUS), My Disco (AUS), ALPS of New South Whales (AUS), Disasteradio (NZ), So So Modern (NZ), Goldenaxe (NZ), Bachelorette (NZ), Panther (US), Over The Atlantic (NZ), CSS (BRAZIL), The Shocking Pinks (NZ), and a few more that I totally can't remember.


Frase - He's Going to Artschool - Diskette (2005)

Frase+Bri - Live at the Dux 2006 limited CDR sold only at shows (2006)

Frase+Bri - 8hr Crush single sided 7" (2006)

Frase+Bri - Frase+Bri/Alps split 7"

Frase - Shoegazer Sweat / Star of your class 7" (2009)

Set List

25 - 45 minutes (can be more can be less)

1. Keeping in the blood (soundcheck, does all my gear still work)
2. Shoegazer sweat
3. Fantasy
4. Star of your class
5. Drop your books
6. Out of the rain
7. Vanity

(This is my setlist I am playing for my support show with Casiotone for the painfully alone next week)

I don't really play many covers anymore covers I have done in the past, just so you get an idea, are (OMD - If You Leave, Yoko Ono - Walking on thin ice, The Cranberries - Zombie, Savage- Don't Cry Tonight, Sabrina - Boys, The Veronicas - Untouched)