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Prayers For An Apocalypse To Be Released June 1st 2007



Rising from the sweltering Texas summer heat of 1999, Fratricide came to fruition through the diabolic collaboration of Hellfire and Coax. Brothers both in heavy metal and in servitude to Satan (Satan = U.S. Army), they collaborated on establishing the look and feel of what Fratricide would ultimately be. Wanting to set themselves apart from their fellow black metal brothers, they adopted stage names from military weaponry, donned black battle dress uniforms, and masked their identities behind military black and green face paint. Bringing the full combat element into the picture, they envisioned themselves as front line soldiers for Hell in a legendary war with Heaven.

Hellfire and Coax continued down the darkened, twisted path of this controversial subgenre to create a style of black metal that was uniquely Fratricide. Pulling from a few influences, Coax constructed the sound of Fratricide around the framework of brutality and melody. Imagine the utter pounding, riff-driven force of Immortal combined with the melodic elements of Cradle of Filth. The primary result being a focus on simple, yet cruel riffs with the symphonic overtones of majestic victories as Fratricide marches through Heaven’s burned and charred pearly gates.

Along with the intensity and diversity delivered by Coax’s songwriting ability, Hellfire brought a combination of fantasy and reality with his lyrics. Hellfire’s blasphemous overtures describe a vicious war between Heaven and Hell and the feel and essence of pure heart-pounding, flesh-shredding combat. His lyrics are also a thickly woven veil as he pounces into the political and philosophical arena of the modern era. Thought provoking, his often times profane words really hide a deeper message.

In June of 2000, Hellfire left the military while Coax still had several more years of service. Fratricide unfortunately went into hibernation and was placed on inactive status as the two founding members attempted to push on with their normal lives. Several attempts to record the material were kick started over the years but side projects and other unfortunate life happenings intervened. In the fall of 2006, Hellfire and Coax again discussed recording options and are now preparing to release an official hellish demo.

Currently, session musicians have been recruited and are now in the advanced stages of their individual training as they absorb the sound and feel of Fratricide. The demo itself will include four battle hymns that tie together to reveal a small concept piece. The gates of Hell have been flung wide. The slavering demonic horde prepares for attack. The apocalypse is upon you. Fratricide’s onslaught has only just begun.