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A fresh new group with a party vibe changing the world's view of West Coast Hip Hop.


Long Beach California has long been known as a place to find great Hip Hop artist. The sound and quality of the music has always been embraced by the entire Hip Hop community. Snoop Dogg set off the Long Beach evolution and Fratt House is bringing in new life. GB (Harold Moore) and E Money (Eric Daniels), otherwise known as FRATT HOUSE, are the West Coast's hottest new rappers to appear on the music scene. With talent running through their veins GB (the son of Rap alumni RBX), and E Money (cousin of Rap Royalty Snoop Dogg), the up-and-coming rappers are destined for greatness in the rap game.

Fratt House’s debut album, entitled FRATT HOUSE, introduced this third generation of Long Beach rappers to the industry, bringing with them all the fun and funk that hip hop lovers have been missing. Citing early influences as Above the Law, Special Ed and NWA, Fratt House decided they wanted to form their own rap group after finishing high school. And what better opportunity to learn the rap game than to live and hone your skills with industry veterans Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound. "They (Snoop, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt) tried to school us about the game, but we wouldn't listen", GB says. “We thought we knew it all”, states E Money.

Their initial experience in the music industry came in the form of their first record deal. Signed to a small label as part of a package deal GB and E Money had a track on the Fakin' The Funk Soundtrack (the film starred Pam Grier and Duane Martin). However while out on tour promoting the album, they were advised that the CEO for the label absconded with the money and left the country. After two more record deals fell through GB and E Money decided to pool their money and put out an album independently. The result is their debut album entitled FRATT HOUSE. When asked about the title and its concept, GB comments "The album concept is the urban version of a frat house. It's definitely not the average University frat house that people think about. Our frat house is the spot on the block where people come to party, hang out and have a good time." "The album will put you in the mood to do all that and more", adds E Money.

Now Fratt House will be releasing their new album, Fratt House University, in 2008. The album has production by Daz Dillinger, G-Flow, and T Nasty. The album will be a lyrical journey with each song giving the listener a glimpse in to the “Fratt House of Fratt House University”. Fratt House, learning from their experiences, plan to get major distribution for this album with the backing of Daz Dillinger.

So what can we expect from this new album that we haven’t heard previously from these Long Beach artist? “People of all ages are going to like our music. It's tight and the hooks are catchy. We've got mass appeal", explains E Money. In addition says GB laughingly "We're the reincarnation of Daz and Kurupt, maybe a little worse”. E Money adds "We're picking up the torch and taking it to another level."



Written By: Written by Eric Daniels, Harold Moore, Raymond Boyd

I’m just driftin’, driftin’ back in the day (Driftin’, Driftin, Driftin’)
Tryin’ to find a high to get my mind paid (Blown away)
We just doing what we wanna do (I don’t know where I’m going but I)
We just doing what we wanna do (white lines, flown away)
We just doing what we wanna do (I don’t know where I’m going but I)
We just doing what we wanna do
We just doing what we wanna do

I wanna make you move, I wanna make you bounce
I wanna get you high baby, smoke the whole ounce
Don’t play with it, all day with it
T Hooks, Kavala and Ray Ray with it
You gotta be a pro, chop it up for what you know
Lay back relax and then you feel this blow
The sensation ain’t no time wastin’
We can go to the back or we in the vacant
Ain’t no body knowin, ain’t no body seeing
We can take it in the cut like a European
Ain’t no sticks with it, ain’t no seeds with it
Pure white and bright they call it snow white
Have you floatin’ in the clouds like you on a kite
And the feelin that you feelin when you do it right
You wanna party with me, I wanna party too
Roll it, chop it up and tell me what it do


We lounging at this party, there a lot of freaks in here
I caught eyes with the baddest and she told me to come here
She had the right lines, I had the white lines
It was the right time, and it blew me away from here

Inhale me let me make you feel good
On the first you gonna come get me out the hood
Let me control that body for a little bit
Now your mind is mine and your addicted
Your driftin’, I love the way that we be living
And I love fulfilling the feeling that you be feeling
I got you feeling like that ugly is cute
Take a hit of me and now that is knocking your boots
I done been around a lot of and so your interested
On how I ended the Ike and Tina relationship
It’s not my fault I’m just a little potent white line
That come around at the right time

I’m So Fly

Written By: Written by Eric Daniels, Harold Moore and Delmar Arnaud

I’m so fly (I’m so fly)
I’m so fresh ( I’m so fresh)
6-4 Range Rover candy paint (wet)
Fratt House new school bangin’ for the west
I’m so fly (I’m so fly)
I’m so fresh (I’m so fresh)
6-4 Range Rover candy paint (wet)
Fratt House new school bangin’ for the west

Let me cop the new Range (range)
Blow out the brain (brain)
Floss my new chain (chain)
Money ain’t a thang (uh hmm)
Stay fly in my white tee
Oh I think they like me
I’m so i-cee
Kids want to be like me
Holla at baby Dee (come on)
Gota a new Cadillac
Throw some D’s on that
Don’t know how to act
Yeah I got a little bank
Smokin’ on the best dank
(GB trickin on them) Hell yeah thank I ain’t
It ain’t trickin’ if you got it
P-I-M-P means put it in my pocket
Riding around the city
Flossin’ like diddy
Yeah I’m ballin’
Even sadidy stick with me
I look rich
I feel rich
I’m rich
That’s why you diggin’ me
I got my game on point
I’m a vet 6-4
I could shot paint so wet
Cause I’m flossin’


Fa shizzle my nizzle
We straight parking lot pizzal
Hit up my killa ray trippin’ off the thizzle
Sliding through the hood with a little thick brizzal
Trying to get it crackin’ put it in the middle
In the wrong hood homie betta pack a pistol
Fratt House west coast yeah we ball a little
Kick back and let this do his thang
Ain’t no diamonds in my toes put them all on my chain
And you betta get right step up yo game
White tee with a wife beat clearly looking i-cee
I don’t give a if y’all don’t like me
I keep it G crippin’ in my Nike’s
Old school with a candy man
And I keep flicks on me like a camera man
6-4 Impala a Caravan
West coast for life a new era man


Throw it up for the west coast
Stayin’ high fresher than most
New chucks new khakis new white tee
That’s why these haters don’t like me
Throw it up for the west coast
Stayin’ high fresher than most
New chucks new khakis new white tee
That’s why these haters don’t like me

Fresh as a mother in a khaki suit
Rims shining car glowing what else can I do
Hit the liquor store got me a swifter sweet and a half ounce
Seagram’s gin on and juice homie you got a light
Haters keep on hatin’ while the Lac’ keeps on skatin’
One hundred spoke 28 inch chrome Daytons
Park the car by the Fratt House valet the Lambo
I go hard on a what else can I stand fo
Fresh like a blue monkey jeans crispy clean 100 dollar bill
With a quarter ounce of weed
Tip toeing no one ever knowin’ while I upgrade
Big house big car and a fly maid
And I’m rollin through the city with a blunt in my mouth
Looking just like a boss with a on the couch
Oh yes oh yes I am so fresh
Throw yo set up in the air and represent yo set (come on)



Written By: Written by Eric Daniels and Harold Moore

Work that thing to the floor (to the floor)
Let me see yo g-string show (let it go)
I want to see you work that thing get low (get low)
Now let yo g-string show (let it show)

I’m chillin’ at the spot
Faded than a mother
Trying to get my boogie on, girl I ain’t tryin’ to love ya
Let me see ya g-string, now this the new thing
Like you in your different colors, really like you in the green
Drop it down, pop it fast, I see a little bit of
Think I need you in my, you know I can’t let it pass
Man it’s a damn shame, I don’t really snap and pop
But it’s a damn shame, how she made her body rock

Ooh want you put it on me, the way she move her body
Got me hot within the party, she sippin’ on Barcardi
Like the way she back it up, this is bad as
Chop it down and toss it up, we talkin’ big bucks
With them big butts, down south do it well
Thick red bone, long hair, fat tail mommy lookin sexy like the girls in black tail
If I beat that up baby don’t tell


I grab this chick kind of mellow
Her g-string yellow, smooth type of fellow
So I say hello
She told me to hang on and don’t let go
Here we go (here we go)
Back up on it, yeah I’m with it
(Spanish) Don’t you forget it
Game recognize it, I realize it
Watch how I rise it, I know that she likes it

Let me see yo g-string, put you on that G-team
Table dance you be seen, let me get up in between
Hop yo up out them jeans, want to see that g-string
Hands up, booty out, wanna go the other route
Take you to yo momma’s house, she asleep I’ll knock you out
Tryin’ to make yo leg shake, open up I’ll penetrate
Put it down your back break, workin’ with a heavy weight
Got to know I do it big, put it down and there it is


West Coast (back it up) Dirty South (back it Up) East Coast (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
Long Beach (back it up) A-T-L (back it up) St Louis (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
Chi-town (back it up) D-town (back it up) V-A (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
N-O (back it up) Miami (back it up) H-town (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
West Coast (back it up) Dirty South (back it Up) East Coast (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
Long Beach (back it up) A-T-L (back it up) St Louis (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
Chi-town (back it up) D-town (back it up) V-A (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string
N-O (back it up) Miami (back it up) H-town (back it up)
Let me see yo g-string



Written By: Eric Daniels and Harold Moore

Come on y’all
We going to get a little freaky freak freak freak
You want to see me freak?
I want to see you freak
For all my little freaky-a-tee freak freak freak freak
Pull your skirt down and let’s get freaky with it

Freak, freak, freak (I just wanna, I just wanna)
Freak, freak, freak (I just wanna, I just wanna)
Freak, freak, freak (Don’t you tell me no I wanna)
Freak, freak, freak (Let me get yo pants down)

One little, two little three little freaks
I got a little freak every day of the week
She come on by and she giving me
Matter of fact later on she giving me bread
She was with 3 of her 4 of her friends
I got to get her, I gotta get with her
Before my little homie, I gonna have to forget her
I’m so fly, fly, fly, fly, fly
I’m so high, high, high, high, high
In a fresh suit with a clean little tie
See that chick there I’mma take her from her guy
It’s the pimp in me you should already know
I ain’t got to say but let’s go
Riding in my Cadillac yeah I gotta handle that
Sliding through the streets looking for a little freak (freak)


I walked in the club they was all on my
Excuse me miss gotta take me a
Would want you but your sister was thick
Like the type of that a turn me a trick
Get her on the track and she give me some change
Look so fine but she good on her knees
In a mink coat about one hundred degrees
Pimpin don’t sweat watch yo step
Old school dance stick a 1, 2 step
On the dance floor almost broke my neck
Doing that crazy right to left
Back up let me catch my breath
On the next soul that’s a no no
Too much weight can’t fit in my fo dough
Would let you drive might tip my lo lo
Pay like you weigh that’s my logo


Yeah (um hmm) there are freaks in the front
And there are freaks in the back
Hop on a freak you ride her til you can’t ride no mo
(Um hmm) we are going into a whole ‘nother level people
(Yes we are) stay freaky

Back to the freak that I was talking about
She finally got with what I was talking about
Before I got mad and kicked her out of my house
You better get with it shut up your mouth

Trick got mad start pulling my hair
Talking all loud people started to stare
Jump right back stuck her down the stairs
Get my money on the double anywhere


Stuck in my ways (Explicit version)

Written By: Eric Daniels, Harold Moore and Raymond Boyd

Is it cuz I like to smoke weed and get high and burn my brain cells
You don’t like it oh well, I don’t know what to tell, You
I’m just being me can’t nobody change, I
If I was like you then I wouldn’t be identified
I like to mess with many women, I ain’t gone lie
So call me a rollin’ stone on the day I die
This is just a chapter of my life you hearing of
Staying true being you that’s what I can do


I’m a real nigga so I’m stuck in my ways (stuck in my ways)
Stuck in my ways (gotta be stuck in my ways)
I stay on the grind cause I gotta get paid (gotta get paid)
I gotta get paid (gotta get the dough on)
If you a bad bitch then we fuckin’ for days (fuckin’ for days)
Ain’t no other way to get it so we just play? (so we just play)
So just blaze (roll up another one)

Yeah yeah you cool and all that
But don’t get mad if I don’t holla back
I might be with my niggas or I might be on my own
Don’t sweat a young nigga leave me alone
Chillin’ by myself tryin get in on my own
Hat to the back you can catch me in the zone
All by myself side kickin on my phone
Tryna make the deal happen my nigga still rappin’

While y’all still lackin’,I’m wondering what happen
But ain’t nobody talkin so then I keep walkin’
Continue with my day pass, you gotta be smart
Watch you with that big ass, they the ones that get cha
Put you in a twist man this shit is real sick
You gotta move quick and think fast
I’m all about my paper, I ain’t got time to crash
Cause one bad move that’ll be your last



Fratt House University (2008)