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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Better Than The Music You've Heard Elsewhere""

"They are 100% music. They are sounding of a garage band, very much Frauke for Frauke's sake, and better than the music that you've heard elsewhere that made you think "yuck". Get ready to have their musical musings pleasantly scratch that golfer/lemonade/iced tea itch in your ear, for Frauke is the kind of band which makes Arnold Palmers when life throws them kittens. You know what I mean?
This is not make believe, this is Frauke. " - Ear Farm

"One Frauke Is Equal To Three Amazing Bands"

"I really don't know what to make of Frauke. Kind of sound like The Go! Team meets Mclusky and The Pixies. Very infectious." - Battering Room

"And Yet We Hate Our Dayjobs And Don't Do Drugs"

"The band's musical style ranges from a post-punk 80's sound to a track (sung by the female Frauke) that could pass for low-fi Blondie song (aside for the lyrics about chicks with di*ks and beat downs)..... Obviously these guys have interesting day jobs and/or good drugs...." - Brooklyn Rocks


"Dirtier Than Horses" LP - Mar 08



For the last year the band Frauke has been confusing, amusing and surprising New York City concert goers and splitting people's ear drums at locales such as the Mercury Lounge and Cakeshop.

Some nights, the band acknowledges its Brooklyn roots. On most nights, they tell really stupid jokes. What we do know is this: Frauke is a trio consisting of Tammy, Andrew and David and they all play each other's instruments.

Most recently, the band who was crowned Band of the Month in December 2007 by Venus Magazine, and who has started to generate a small but ravenous following among the music bloggings, released their debut album, "Dirtier than Horses." Also, their song "Parasite Fungus" was reviewed positively by Pitchfork Magazine and added to their Forkcast podcast.

More aggrandizement:

"Some bands might wield a song title like "Parasite Fungus" as if combining two words with often negative connotations somehow makes a work avant-garde. Frauke rock "Parasite Fungus"..."

"…better than the music that you've heard elsewhere that made you think 'yuck'."
- Earfarm

"Refreshing rock from a band that doesn't take itself too seriously"
- Venus Zine

"…what you need to know about this band in a nutshell, they are funny and they rock"
- Pop Tarts Suck Toasted