Come see us live and prepare to have your head explode by our mind boggling solos and chunky low end sound. Booya Gramma


In July of 2000, the three strings (Nick, Ian, Sean) first picked up their guitars.
It was only a month later that they decided to form the band. After tossing around numerous
names, the trio opted for the name "Fray" (meaning Battle).

After practicing for a few months, the threesome came to the conclusion that they
should enter their schools variety show to get their name out and show their skills.
Drummerless and singerless they enlisted the help of Earl Joe Buroughs to fill in on drums
for them. They also decided to play instrumentaly. They showcased a peice known as
Metalreich, which is still a crowd favorite to date.

While polishing up their skills and writing numerous songs, they began to look for
the finishing touches of the band, a singer and drummer.

It wasnt until late 2002 they they, through a mutual friend, met Mr. Kelly. While
all hanging out one day they realized his exceptional singing ability. Almost instantly it
was decided that he would front the band.

Finding a drummer was next on the list. At the time, drummers were in short supply
in the area. However, Ian got a tip from Joe B. that a kid named Janson Luedtke played
drums. Shortly after he was asked to come and "audition" for the band. Though after
playing "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica, and "Brain Stew" by Green Day, it was
decided that he was a necessity for this band.

Soon after, practice began in basements of various homes (some band members, some
not). Janson and Mike learned some of the originals while Nick, Ian, and Sean started
coming up with ideas for new ones. Also, preparations were being made for their first
scheduled show (as a band) on February of 2003. Meanwhile, the mutual friend was inserting
himself into the band. Shortly afterwards, he eliminated from the final line-up of Fray.
The five remaining members would go on to great local success.


Black & White
Released 2004 (independent)

Prelude to Cataclism
Released 2005 (independent)

Set List

Though we have enough material for about an hour and fifteen minute set, our standard setlist consists of roughly 50 minutes of material. A basic lineup includes:
All Out War
Religous Rights
A.R.I.Y.S. (A Requiem in Your Shadow)
Death Crawl
Blackened Heart
L.P.C. (Lust/Persecution/Corruption)