Fraysion the Minotaur

Fraysion the Minotaur


We just have a lot of fun, whether at practice or on stage. The music is mostly heavy, but it changes a lot. We throw in different influences and styles to make it interesting. Crowds pay attention even if they don't get the music the first time they hear it. Our songs are all part of a story, too.


We've been around since the summer of 2006, but broke up for awhile until the beginning part of 2007. We've had some major line-up changes, but the story of Fraysion still lives on. Oh yeah, and our music revolves around a mythical creature we created named Fraysion. Here's a recap: "Fraysion is the last surviving minotaur, servant of the God Zeus, who is the Protector of Earth and the Ruler of Olympia. This is his story... " You can hear more of the story on our website, MySpace, or from one of us in person. For more songs and video, go here:


Chapter II: A Loss of Appetite

Written By: Ryan Wheeler

Dead bodies
Cases for hundreds of souls
Mulling over the past, tenfold
Cuts and scrapes leaves some scars
My boots and knives kill liars

Life is only the beginning
Life is nothing but the end

Get down.

I will roam. I will roam. I will kill.

But my blade has gotten dull over the years.
I feel I'm living this life over again.
Maybe if you fall you won't know.

Won't you go far away.
Maybe if you stay we will fall.
Break it down and kill your own.

Chapter III: First You Must Destroy Three Terrible Enemies

Written By: Ryan Wheeler

Something seemed off about the stench of her blood.
Like the way your blade left her dead. Her hair.
Like the bandage. You left a small space. Her eyes.
Can't you feel this? Inside your head. She's gone.

Let servant eyes lead the parade.
You can't hide unless youre dead.
Won't you be my unknown.
Death is death.

Ask her why.
Ask her. Fill me.

Take a look around it's the last time.
You'll see this effing place.
Everyone you know has denied.

Like her hands.

I will roam. I will kill. She'll be avenged.

Let my hands be frail.
Love her. Example.
I will roam. 3 shall die in her place.

Chapter IV: The Gods Descend

Written By: Ryan Wheeler

I will rob this graveyard.
I will use all these souls.
I will spare no one.
In my aggression.

I won't let you be left here while alive.
I won't let you be left here while alive.

Think. Act. Embrace.
Mind. Body. Soul.

I am savior.
I will show you the truth.
I am posture.
When you slouch to the ground.

Everyone you know brings you to your end again. Again.
My life is done when everything you touch is cold. It's cold.
Everyone you know brings you to your knees again.
And you die.
My life is done when everything you touch is cold.

My life is done when everything you touch is cold and dead.

Dont you know. That everything you know is gone again.
Everything you felt. Everyone will die by my hands.


The First Foray - 3-track EP recorded December 17, 2007 by Hank Charles at Valcour Sound in Broken Arrow, OK. The song "Chapter IV: The Gods Descend" has been featured on a recent Tulsa Music Pulse podcast, as well as played on Z104.5 The Edge's Homegroan show. Please also note that the CD was recorded with only 4 members--vocals, drums, bass, and one guitar.

Set List

All of our songs are part of a story, but we don't always play the chapters in order. A typical set list starts with "Chapter III: First You Must Destroy Three Terrible Enemies" and ends with "Chapter IV: The Gods Descend" or the three-part, 8+ minute opus "Chapter V: Into the Fiery Heaven and Beyond." We do not play covers, but we typically add interludes that vary from show to show. We try to make each show especially different from any other one. Go to to see videos of entire set lists.