Fródi & The Pink Slips

Fródi & The Pink Slips


A GREAT rock act! Fantastic live band with great songs and strong lyrics! Pink Floyd meets Zepplin!!!


Fródi & The Pink Slips rock rooted in the power blues of the late 60's/70's but with a sort of up to date kinda twist. The members are all from the Faroe Islands, a small group of islands located between Iceland and Scotland, but live and play in Copenhagen. In March 2010, they recorded 5 songs at Flowershop Studio in Copenhagen. Those songs can be heard on their recently released EP titled "PATIENCE IS A MOTHERFUCKER WHEN YOU ARE LIVING LIFE IN SLOW MOTION" and can be purchased at iTunes or along with FRÓDI's solo album, "Creeping Storm", released in 2009.


Fródi & The Pink Slips have released two albums which can be bought on iTunes or