Freak Heat Waves
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Freak Heat Waves

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2008

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Avant-garde


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Freak Heat Waves @ Logan's Pub

Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

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The best kept secret in music


Freak Heat Waves have been kicking around Western Canada for a number of years—and, like Viet Cong, feature a member of Women. Characterized by intricate guitar work, ambient passages, and kinetic drums, this Victoria-based trio trades in motorik magic; when the band locks into mechanical groove, like on “Submission,” it’s hard to pull yourself away. Their LP is currently sold out, but we’d love to get our hands on a copy. - Aux TV

Freak Heat Waves self titled, self released full-length plays out like a soundtrack to some foreign black and white film that makes you ask yourself the question “why haven’t I seen this yet?” I ask myself the similar question as to why I haven’t heard this album until now, since this album came out September of 2012.

Nine songs that are dark and moving traverse the line between Krautrock and Post-punk on this bands first full statement. Drums remain steady in the background, while deep, rhythmic bass lines intertwine with cutting, Felt reminiscent guitar work. The album has a number of ambient moments, and only really houses four songs: “Submission”, “Correction”, “Instructing” and “Kowtow” that uses vocals in the manner that slightly parallels Ian Curtis. I mean that in a positive sense as the vocals remain clear and don’t obstruct the flowing song structures.

With songs like “Defunct Operator” playing with noisy, yet contained repetitions and acting as an interlude, the entire album has a great stride. It paints a scenery that’s full of both discordant and lush moments. The final two songs are burst of melodies woven together. “Instructing” at some point morphs into a kind of Galaxie 500 jam out and “Kowtow” follows the uplifting tone and carries the listener out.

Overall I find Freak Heat Waves’ debut album to be a well played out sonic journey that’s worth the trip. - Of Radical Will

Reserved is not quite the word. It’s not like these guys need to call in ahead of time to book a table; rather, there is a table that sits empty all night unless they show up. A cosy, unassuming void in the corner of the room that is revered despite it’s quotidian appearance.

Rock is not really the right idea. A rock would shatter it completely. You want to try to get into it with a circular glass cutter. Measure twice, cut once. The more infinitesimal the unit, the more precise the cut, the more appealing the hole will be.

Reason is not to be called into question. Your best interests are in mind. Whether nearing silence or bluntly kicking in the doors of composition, everything is done so as to ensure more than satisfactory conditions. Conditioning is part of the protocol and the protocol has been recorded for posterity’s sake.

Redefinition is not the big idea. Definition is the big foist. Skirting any sense of intention or motivation is best when trying to familiarize oneself.

Don’t get caught redhanded, strike when the iron is hot.

Freak Heat Waves are striking.

Repeat, Freak Heat Waves are striking. - Southern Souls

Canada is popping off in a really big way right now, but one of their biggest kept secrets is British Columbia’s Freak Heat Waves. The trio takes a rather minimalist post-punk approach, which never seems to get too reckless, but retains its energy by weaving through various composed parts.

There’s definitely a kraut-rock influence to their 9-song debut LP, as they rarely make it to the microphone, swear by evolving repetition, and sometimes wander into beautifully ambient places.

We caught them this past fall at Butcher Shoppe and they translate well to the live show, locking up and often extending and expanding their jams. The Freak Heat Waves LP is out now on vinyl and digital via their bandcamp. - Allston Pudding

Freak Heat Waves didn’t just release an album, they sent out a transmission. A plea for rock and roll preservation. Basslines that dart through oncoming traffic. Drums steady as a heart monitor. Disaffected vocals that duet with sweet guitar thrash. This isn’t just an LP, but the product of journeymen musicians. Recorded by the late Chris Reimer, Freak Heat Waves strikes a harmony of unexpected and referential. A product of a perfected performance piece. Plug in and let Freak Heat Waves occupy every channel of your mind. - Weird Canada


Still working on that hot first release.



From its conception Freak Heat Waves has derived much of its aestheticfrom highly admired facets of New York '70's punk/new wave and UK Post-Punk bands. The three-piece group generates a sharp yet discreet sound comprising of moments both sparse and dense.

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