Very melodic, rhythmic, high-energy rock/pop with a heavy sound base and inspired lyrics. Very talented band, highly enjoyable to diverse audiences.


The biggest setback the band has ever experienced was Benjhe's battle with cancer. A little over a year ago, our drummer completed 8 months of debilitating chemotherapy for stage 4 Hodgkins Disease. We sort of practiced whenever he felt half-way up to it and when he was finished with his treatments, he challenged the rest of us to make up for lost time with an aggressive campaign recording from square one. We have really rallied as a band with new perspectives and appreciations in this life- "This Life" is the title of one of our tracks, along with "To Be," "CPR," and "Love's Name." Benjhe, who is also our lyricist, expresses what these new perspectives on life feel like applied in the real world through emotionally charged lyrics and dramatic melodies. Our band's members truly feel the essence of what our music and purpose is all about and convey those feelings to the listener through each and every performance. We are unique in that we create great music, believe in what we are saying and in each other, and really enjoy playing music for people. Some of our musical influences include: The Mars Volta, U2, Rush, Switchfoot, Rage Against The Machine, Primus, The Cure, Coldplay, etc...


project number one nearly completed.

Set List

Typical set list is about 50 minutes to an hour, and may include: Holding On, Neverevermind, CPR, To Be, Love's Name, The Void, For Real, This Life, Call, Second hand Smoke, and Denied.