Freaky Geeky Nation

Freaky Geeky Nation

 Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopPop

Filmmaker Michael Anton Monsour brings his Neurolinguistic Rap to the world with "Freaky Geeky Nation designed specifically to melt your ears with it's freaky funk beats and Neurolinguistic lyrics.


Freaky Geeky Nation is filmmaker Michael Anton Monsour's introduction of Neurolinguistic Rap to the world. in 2005 at the age of 21 Michael Anton Monsour credited as Michael Anton, directed the cult comedy "Potheads The Movie." The film garnered one publication to call Michael Anton and his acting troupe "The 21st century Answer to Monty Python." The film never saw distribution, but Michael Anton promises to release a final version in the near future. Michael Anton approached the idea of writing a Neurolinguistic Rap while working as an executive for a hospice corporation. Michael left to pursue his degree and focus into Neurolinguistics. "Freaky Geeky Nation" is Michael's first neurolinguistic experiment and an attempt at a new form of rap, predicated upon his theories called Verbal Recognition Patterns and Instinctive Subliminal Cognitive Solutions. Michael will release subsequent experiments similar to "Freaky Geeky Nation" his next experiment is entitled "GPF:Gangster Punk Funk."

Set List

Freaky Geeky Nation
Gangster Punk Funk
Rap About It
Freaky Geeky Dubstep
Dubstep Freestyle
GPF Dubstep/remix
Rap About It Dubstep remix