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NZ Beatspeak Innovators: Freaky Meat
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Combine elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Metal with leading beat-speak vocal styles inspired by Jack Kerouac, C. R. Avery, Gill Scot Heron and Captain Beefheart and you get Auckland-based Beatspeak Innovators: Freaky Meat.

Their performance will capture you with mesmerizing narratives of life, travels, experiences and people with front man, premiere Auckland beat-poet Shane Hollands, drawing from his most diverse, exciting and personal adventures.

The band showcases the sophisticated musical styles of accomplished musicians John McNab (guitar), James Percy (drums), and Rod Redgrave (bass), who create the intricately developed musical backdrops that set the scene for each tale.

You may have experienced Freaky Meat live supporting the likes of Andrew Fagan and The People, Black Sand Diva and The Neo-Kalashnikovs. They have also performed live on Kiwi FM's 31 Bands in a Box, at Auckland University Orientation and featured twice at Titirangi Music Festival and Prana New Year’s Festival, Coromandel.

In 2010 they released their single 'Monkey Shines' and the follow-up EP: 'Late Night Kebab'. In 2011, Freaky Meat released the single 'Lament of Paris' and their debut album ‘Delicatessen’ which inspired a successful 13 date November tour around New Zealand.

Delicatessen Reviews:

"[Delicatessen] presents a collection of poems that range from finely nuanced wordcraft to beat-style stream-of-consciousness narratives...covering a diverse range of styles; jazz, funk, rock and even metal all knitted together by the high quality of its musical ideas and musicianship. Standout tracks include 'The Lament of Paris'...'Stolen Kisses', and 'My Poetry Is An Alcoholic Pitbull' - a clever piece of writing" - John Brinkman, Groove Guide

'Poetry in musical motion...Highlights include Zombie Xmas Hams and My Poetry Is An Alcoholic Pit Bull In A Bad Mood' - Ania Glowacz, NZ Musician Magazine

'HLAH + Sam Hunt' - Graham Reid, Elsewhere

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The Lament Of Paris

Written By: Freaky Meat (Shane Hollands, John McNab, Rod Redgrave, James Percy)

You know I wanted you from the moment I saw you, introduced, as you were, as another man's girl.
When you smiled at me, supped deep from my cup, and told me you didn't mind sharing at all, wild flash of your eyes filled me with wonder.
Did I know at that moment I was lost then, forever?
Did I know I was blessed as cursed in a second?
I confess, I'm obsessed, an incurable fool.

Lay down in the sun, my beautiful one.
Come whisper your secrets to me.
On the sparkling sand I watched you dance for the sailors lost at sea.
I couldn't know for the rip's undertow that one so adrift was me.

Now years flash before us as clouds rush the sky.
It's you that directs me, it's you I've adored.
On the wild west coast with black sand on my footfalls, I saw you as naked as the turbulent sea.
Though I wanted to hold you, you were never mine to have.
Perhaps we are never really anyone's at all.
This mirage that I dream, this muse in a memory, collects up my steps, keeps my thoughts from the wall.

Lay down in the sun, my beautiful one..
Come whisper your secrets to me.
On the sparkling sand I watched you dance for the sailors lost at sea.
I couldn't know for the rip's undertow that one so adrift was me.

Next time I see you you'll smile, ever gentle, perhaps brush my arm in an affectionate way.
Then you'll look to your lover, as you kiss me politely, and whisper you'd love to see me some day.
And you know, I'd love you to see me some day.



Delicatessen (Début Album)
The Lament Of Paris (Single)


Late Night Kebab (Début EP)
Single: Monkey Shines (Début Single)