Fred Bredfry/Tom Provencher-Damaged Goods

Fred Bredfry/Tom Provencher-Damaged Goods

 Center Moriches, New York, USA

Tom Provencher and Fred Bredfry perform as Damaged Goods, an exciting original acoustic duo. We draw on elements of folk, blues, jazz and a little R&R to create a unique and compelling sound. Our songs strongly melodic and visual, paint vivid pictures of life here in the 21st century.


So let's talk about Damaged Goods....

it hardly seems possible that it was over 20 years ago that Tom Provencher, aka Tom Darkside and I got together at the kitchen table in a house Tom was sharing with a mutual friend. Since that time we've played over 500 gigs and had some truly memorable moments, among them playing Wild Horses with Donovan and Brian Jone's kid at The Stephan Talkhouse, doing a benefit with Billy Joel, Taj Mahal and Mick Jones (with Kathaleen Turner puking in the ladies Room) and nights on Shelter Island with the crowd chanting "we've got a boat" when we were doing an early encore so we could catch the last ferry.

And to all the folks that have come to see us play and supported us over the years, to you we owe a debt of gratitude. Thanks.

But for me the highlight has always been getting to play with Tom, who I believe is one of the most truly gifted musicians I have ever met. I've always felt I've been lucky to give birth to some really good songs but it was Tom who smacked them in the ass and brought them to life. Check out Tom's playing AND singing on Blue Light Video Dreams and you'll see what I mean.


Roads-The Damaged Goods Sessions

Set List

Our sets typically 1 hour
We play 2-4 sets a night
Depending on venue we play an all original set list that includes,
Blue Light Video Dreams
Gypsy Queen
Lovin Tree
Something About Your Love
Amanda Dance

We cover americana, from Dylan to the Dead, Bruce, Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, BB King, Bob Marley, etc.