Los Angeles, California, USA
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The GRAMMY-nominated Crossover Keyboard Master ignites audiences with his passionate & soulful blend of Latin, Dance, Romance and #1 Hits winning encores from Contemporary Music aficionados worldwide. Visit for up-to-the-minute info.


“Ravel masterfully blends jazz textures, rock energy and tropical rhythms” ~Los Angeles Times

“A brilliant keyboard artist” ~Madonna

"Freddie’s originality is fascinating and his strong Latin roots bring passion to his music!" ~Maurice White, Founder, Earth, Wind & Fire

“A thrill ride of World Beat Fire to smooth originals” ~Jazziz


The unprecedented invasion of Latin music into Mainstream continues to be the perfect climate for the multi-cultural excitement of Freddie Ravel. His fiery and sensuous concerts & compositions draw upon his lifelong passions for Latin, Classical and Jazz supported by his Euro-Colombian heritage and deep spirituality. Ravel says: “Today, I find the purest moments come when I’m just sitting at the piano letting all of this flow through me to make music that speaks from the heart.”

Utterly captivated by Music since age 5, Freddie began performing worldwide with Brazilian icon Sergio Mendes by age 23. Shortly thereafter, Universal Records discovered the young artist resulting in a series of solo albums, all charting Top 10 in America: “Midnight Passion”, “Sol to Soul” & “Freddie Ravel”, featuring the #1, “Sunny Side Up”. Embraced by his many fans, his songs continue to receive extensive international airplay while his live shows garner critical acclaim.

Over the past decade, Freddie’s reputation as a multi-faceted Producer, Composer & Live Performer soared to the top echelons of the music industry with the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire and Al Jarreau under Freddie’s directorship. Subsequent invitations from Madonna led to MTV appearances and featured Freddie’s sizzling piano solo in Madonna’s remix of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. Current collaborations go on with the hottest stars and production teams in Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin and Pop including Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Bobby McFerrin, Quincy Jones & Sting, as well as live performances with Prince, Herbie Hancock and Carlos Santana.

Freddie's lifelong commitment to raise human potential through Music gave birth to a powerful interactive performance program in 2002, which he named Tune Up to Success® where he reveals to audiences ranging from teens to Fortune 500 Companies how MUSIC connects and empowers their personal and professional lives.

“Music is so profound that I consider it to be the very fabric of the universe. It is amazing that variations of rhythm, frequency, and harmony can have such a profound universal power to make people jump for joy, feel melancholy, or create a sense of déjà vu” says Ravel. “If I’ve contributed music that stirs, surprises and stimulates my audience, then my mission is on track.”

Cameron Smith, CEO and founder of America’s Smooth Jazz TV recently stated:
“Over the past ten years, I have come to understand just how amazing Freddie Ravel is both as a musician and humanitarian, his dedication to his craft of making meaningful music is eclipsed only by his desire to champion causes that bring out the best in all of us.”

Preparing yet another thrill ride for his many fans, the crossover keymeister is set to launch his fourth album in summer 2007, a stunning blend of Dance, Romance, Hip Hop, Flamenco and a very special surprise. Stay Tuned!


Love is in the Air

Written By: Music & Lyrics by Freddie Ravel/Ravelation (ASCAP)


Verse 1
how do you stop these tears from fallin’ how do you stop the rain
how do you stop this soul from achin’ over and over again

Pre Chorus:
everywhere in my prayers I keep findin’ you
I’ve been there had my share and I’m not a fool
I don’t care if you swear that you know it’s through
just beware our affair is a dream come true
shall we dance to romance that is tried and true
nice and smooth to the groove of our rendezvous’, well
could it be that you see what I always knew
share the dream where we sing and we say “I DO”

Verse 2:
how do you stop this heart from breakin’ how do you stop the pain
maybe it’s time that you awaken baby I’m gonna explain


Quédate Conmigo

Written By: Freddie Ravel & Luis Enrique

Quédate en mi vida para siempre amor
Porque ya soy tuyo en cuerpo y alma

Verse 1:
Quiréme, escucha lo que dice el corazón
sin temor, sin que existan las dudas.
Esta vez, es algo más que una ilusión,
más que un deseo desatado.

Verse 2:
Déjame llevarte hasta el cielo con mi amor
a descubrir un sentimiento nuevo.
Créeme, talvez podrías sentir igual que yo
que yo soy tuyo en cuerpo y alma.

Verse 3:
Déjame llevarte en la aventura de este amor
descubrir un sentimiento nuevo
Créeme, talvez podrías sentir igual que yo
que ya soy tuyo en cuerpo y alma


Piano Solo
Quédate conmigo en cuerpo y alma,
quiero que inundes mis labios,
Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh , con el sabor de tus besos.

Quédate conmigo en cuerpo y alma,
no te vayas ahora que ,
Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh , y yo pierdeo la calma....


As a Solo Artist:
• Freddie Ravel-"Freddie Ravel"-Universal,GRP
• Freddie Ravel-"Sol to Soul"-Verve & DTS Surround
• Freddie Ravel-"Midnight Passion"-Polydor & Verve

As a Guest Artist:
• Madonna-"Evita" soundtrack album-Warner
• Earth, Wind & Fire-"The Promise"
• Earth, Wind & Fire –"Millennium"-Warner
• Al Jarreau-"Givin' it Up"-Concord
• Al Jarreau-"All I Got"-Universal
• Al Jarreau-"Tomorrow Today"
• Prince/Jacob Arman-"Drum Fever"-NPG
• Peter White-"Songs of the Season"-Columbia
• Strunz & Farah-Selva
• Richard Smith-"Souldified"
• Dori Caymmi/Quincy Jones-"Brazilian Serenade"
• Mark Winkler-"Tales from Hollywood"
• Flora Purim & Airto-"Speed of Light"
• Carl Anderson-"Why we are Here"
• Alan Holdsworth-"Truth in Shredding"
• Alan Holdsworth-"Centrifugal Funk"
• Peter Gordon-"DoublePlay"-Positive
• L. Subramaniam-"Mississippi Masala"-Soundtrack
• Frank Gambale-"Thunder from Down Under"-JVC
• Frank Gambale-"The Great Explorer"-JVC
• Frank Gambale -"Note Worke"-JVC
• Yasuko Agawa-"In Autumn"-JVC
• Ricardo Silveira-"Amazon Secrets"-Verve
• Michael O’Neill-"Never Too Late"
• Osamu Kitajima-"Sweet Chaos","Behind the Light","Mandala".
• Justo Almario-"Family Time"-MCA Universal
• Ladd Macintosh-"Energy"
• Jazz Cookbook-"You Get the Best of Me"
• Gingo Kyogoku-"Nichiren"-Toshiba/EMI

Set List

Every show is tailored to the Event with great care and attention to detail and the needs of the Promoter and Audience.
Here's an 80-90 minute sample of Freddie's originals and arrangements:

SOL TO SOUL (Latin meets R&B)
INETTE’S FOREST (The Smooth Jazz Classic)
CONVERSATIONS (Hit Urban Single co-written w/Peter White)
ECHO DE AMOR (R&B Flamenco)
HAVANA NIGHTS (James Brown goes to Cuba!)
EROTIKA (Sultry R&B)
RONDO ALA SALSA (2006-Mozart goes Salsa for the 250th anniversary of his birth)
CANTOS DE ESPANA (solo piano moment by Albeniz)

SUNNY SIDE UP (#1 Signature Hit w/Hip-Hop Feel)
CONCERTO DE ARANJUEZ (The Spanish classic)
BOLERINO BELLA (Sensous Ballad)
A PERFECT DAY (Joyful Samba)
LOVE IS IN THE AIR (Contemporary Cha Cha)
SAMBA MUNDIAL (World Beat Samba)
FLIP HOP (Flamenco meets Hip Hop)