freddy jay & heatshkok all stars
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freddy jay & heatshkok all stars

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In 2006, in his first album“THE HEATSHKOK PROJECT”, FREDDY JAY shows us his composing and musical talents, beyond the art of turntables and he uses sampling judiciously and in moderation. On the bass or on the keyboard, on guitar or on scratch, FREDDY JAY composes, plays and even, on one track, sings “I wanna dance”; this track will figure for a long time on the play-list of the famous“RADIO NOVA”in Paris.

“THE HEATSHKOK PROJECT” is an album by a talented composer, a multi-talented musician, a passionate DJ, a subversive music lover, and it gives us a rich and personal work that entices us to rediscover him on stage, alone or with his musicians.



“The HEATSHKOK ALL STARS” reunites talented artists around a DJ who enjoy mutual respect and appreciation, both professionally and personally. Their simplicity and constant accessibility witness to their joint vocation : to share an original experience with the public every night.

FREDDY JAY, well known DJ for his technique of recombining the numbers live is, for this performance, seconded by the percussionist GERALD, greatly talked about in the capital due to the excellent quality of his work.

RONALD BAKER brings his acute sense of melody, his riffs and his impressive trumpet choruses that witness to his expertise as a jazz-man; when he sings, he brings his soul vibe to any selection, which delights any music lover worthy of the name...

KOOL 16 contributes a more urban note to the sessions, with his energetic performances to suit each occasion. With his powerful voice and rapid and melodious flow, he masters the art of reviving the atmosphere and maintaining the peak intensity of the session throughout.

Aiming, above all, to produce dance music, the corner stone of the group goes from electronic music to groove and the art of turntables and DJing, whilst trying to establish a complicity and inter-activity with the public throughout the session, thanks to FREDDY and KOOL 16 at the microphone. THE HEATSHKOK ALL STARS offer a real show for real music amateurs and this improved UNIVERSAL MIX will satisfy the purists, without offending less expert ears. Both the musicians and the DJ take on the nightly challenge of adapting to the audience, whilst maintaining their originality, which is their hallmark. They manage to transport the public, from the lambda enthusiast to the more refined spectator, with a show that remains unparalleled in France.

FREDDY JAY – conductor + turntable

He has travelled throughout France for the last 7 years and has performed with the greatest performers in House and Groove (BOB SINCLAIR, DEE NASTY, MARTIN SOLVEIG etc.) and has combined his talent with the most prestigious names. He is one of the first in France to wear both Groove and House hats, that have been opposed for too long. He is known for his virtuosity on the turntable that he makes optimum use of to remix styles and epochs in a spectacular way.

RONALD BAKER – trumpet + singer

Beyond the physical appearance of a young premier, Ronald is a jazz trumpeter from Baltimore, USA, presently considered in France as one of the best, not to be missed. His reputation as a singer is also established after 4 albums, of which one LIVE, and he travels the stages in France, Europe and the USA with his group “THE RONALD BAKER
Within the group HEATSHKOK ALL STARS, he contributes his jazzy trumpet trademark and can heat up even the coldest electro music to boiling point, thanks to his MILES DAVIS style riffs. He always uses his warm soul voice in the most appropriate way in order to grace the sessions with his very American style.

GERALD – percussion + chorus

Called 'the metronome' by his equals, Gerald has made his reputation through his dedication, his kindness and his instrumental expertise.
He also began on trumpet but prefers percussion instruments (congas, drums, djembe etc.) and made his début in jazz and salsa. He is regularly solicited by recording studios for Tribal or Latino House projects. His speciality is rhythms above 120 BPM, in which his speed and extreme precision are spectacular. Always smiling, he is just as challenging in more groovy tempos, through the subtlety of his play which reveals an innate musical sense... Recently, he was selected to accompany KHEZIA JONES for her after show at the TRIPTIK, with ROY HARGROVE, whose last album was applauded by the critics, and he is performing at the Olympia the opening of Mr SHAFT, the great ISAAC HAYES.

KOOL 16 – MC + song

With his full and raucous voice and his rapid and fluid delivery, he is the dynamic host of the quartet, creating a very special rapport with the public and ensuring the interactive dimension of the show. KOOL 16 is FREDDY's official MC. He uses his unusual voice to address the public and to present an energetic and humorous ragga. As much at ease with house as with groove, he has already published a first maxi album and he can also be glimpsed in action in the “Dancehall Clash vol.1” clip, one of the largest RAGGA compilations in the West Indies, on which we find one of his songs. Also in the RAGGA FEVER 1&2 compilations, he is MC in the 4 parts of the RAGGA HIP HOP MIX FESTIVAL.