BLISSFULL ROOTS REGGAE WITH A SINGER-SONGWRITER EDGE ! Freddy Locks was one of the 13 elected artists to perform at the National Radio- Antena 3 Aniversary Live Show



With the aim of making music from the heart and the soul irradiating good vibes, fighting against all the
injustice and the misery in the World, Freddy Locks composer, guitarist and lead singer started to play
Reggae in 1997 after graduating from high school. He spent 2 years hitchhiking, playing guitar on the streets and in the underground in Lisbon.
After what he founded his first Reggae band called 'Nature' and joined the
'20 pás 8' (twenty to eight) shortly after.
'Nature' split up in 2001, whereas the '20 pás 8' kept on playing together until the end of 2003. They
performed in about 49 gigs both in Portugal and in Spain.
In one of the shows of the '20 pás 8', Freddy met
Asher Guardian, producer, musician, technician and Reggae lover for over 20 years. Asher lives in Portugal
for 12 years and has always been working for the music industry recording and working as a sound
technician for different bands.
In February / March 2003 Freddy accepts Asher's invitation to record an album in his studio where they
record the instruments, mix and masterize a demo using nothing but a simple Roland sound recorder. Ten
months after this first experience pays off and their demo gets to the hands of the 'Fazuma' (Skin Up One)
family, which receives it with enthusiasm and grants it a page on their website to promote the project.
The Cd-R called 'Rootsrockstruggling' also gets to the hands of Henrique Amaro from radio 'Antena 3' who
plays it repeatedly in his show 'Portugália' that prompts the invitation to a special show called '3 pistas' (3 tracks), unplugged live show of 25 minutes broadcasted to the radio thousands of listeners nationwide. As a
result they are invited to record the videoclip of 'Wake Up' produced by the independent studio 'U-Uh Faz Misso' (Hey, hey do it man) played regularly on the MTV / Portugal.
Either with his band 'Poormanstyle' or the soundsystem 'Dub Tender Hi-Fi', Freddy Locks already shared the stage with Sly and Robbie, Skatalites, Max Romeo, Skaparapid, Terrakota amongst others.
● Played in the 'Underground/Overground' Project, organized by MTV, RTP, ANTENA 3, JORNAL
METRO, ABRACO E GADS to celebrate the World AIDS Day.
● The track 'Wake Up' was voted Music of the Year by the Radio 'Fazuma' - Participated in the first
Reggae compilation ever recorded in Portugal: 'Copa Reggae' (Reggae Cup) with the theme 'Wake
● Participated in the compilation 'Acorda' / (Wake Up), solidarity project to raise money for the
Pediatric Wing of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon with the unplugged versions of
'Playing in a Subway' and 'Wake Up'.
● Participated in the compilation 'Bota Sentido' (Make Sense) by the label 'Matarroa'.
● 'Fazuma' is a first sample / single. The music celebrates the reggae culture, positivism, non
conformist and the ideal of sharing. It was released in vinyl in the beginning of May and includes a
dub version, as a catalyst for new versions, in line with what was done in Jamaica many years ago.
This initiative had the support of radio 'Antena 3', that selected him as one of the artists to play live
the 26th of April to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the national broadcaster. In July he was also the
sole reggae artist in the new talent Fnac compilation. The debut album 'Bring Up the Feeling' was
released in August by 'Gumalaka' (a label of Matarroa e Fazuma .
Ladies and gentlemen: Here is Freddy!


Demo CD "Roots Rock Struggeling" - 2005
Album - "Bring Up The Feeling" - Gumalaka 2007
Ep Vinyl "Fazuma" - Gumalaka 2007

Set List

The Usual set has 70min. approximately;

Bring Up The Feeling
Wake Up
Take My Hand
Rasta Thruth
Kuff ´N Beat