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Few rap artists have a distinctive sound that can be identified regardless of the tracks their vocals grace. In today’s fickle rap industry rappers switch their flow faster than they upgrade their bling. Freddy P.’s distinctly raw southern gutter sound is what initially made him a favorite on MTV’s first installment of P Diddy’s ‘Making the Band’. As the show progressed fans got up close and personal with all five band members, but Freddy P. remained a favorite, despite drama with his housemates and even fans fascination with his habit of sucking his thumb.

Four years later and Freddy P. is one of the few artists that define the pure unadulterated southern artist. With his passionate vocals and loyalty to his southern roots, Freddy P. is determined to rep Miami to the fullest. Born Fred Watson in Florida’s Dade country, Freddy P. was never a stranger to struggling. As a teenager, writing lyrics came naturally and once he discovered his flow, Freddy P. began gaining recognition on the local radio stations and throughout Dade County.

Freddy’s candid references to a humble upbringing and a life on the streets of Dade County, are sprinkled throughout his contributions to Da Band’s first and only release. Shortly after the album release Diddy dis-banded his self-appointed group of misfits. Freddy says his reality TV experience was a blessing, as it afforded him exposure to over 16 million fans, but being a member of a group was never his long term goal. “They were advertising on the radio for Diddy’s group and a friend of mine kept trying to get me to go. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was busy trying to make my money. So he paid me to go up to the station and try out. I made it and that was it,” Freddy P. explains. He was neither surprised nor disappointed when it became obvious his relationship with Bad Boy was over. “We sold over Million copies of that record. It was a success, I have no regrets about anything but I’ve moved on.”

Currently, Freddy P. is focused on his new solo project entitled ‘All or Nothing’. The single ‘It’s Whatever’ is scorching up the charts as it re-introduces Freddy to his old MTV audience and a whole new crop of fans. The single features hot new producer Young Juve (So So Def) and showcases what Freddy P. describes as ‘monster music’. “That’s what we do; we make monster music, music that is raw. It bounces off the walls. Either you’re a monster or you’re going to end up hiding up under the bed,” he laughs when describing his signature sound.

Besides ‘All or Nothing’ Freddy P. is spearheading the launch of his production company called PJ1 Productions. Currently the roster boasts two artists: Pressure and Young Rayzor. “Rayzor’s talent is more advanced than most folks out here. He has a passion and energy for what he’s doing. He’s my protégé right now. Pressure has the grind. He is a great writer and he’s creative. He’s focused on longevity. I’m going to put their projects out after my album drops,” Freddy P. says.

For those who doubt success after reality TV, Freddy P. is proving to be the exception to the rule. By combining raw talent, street savvy, business sense and honesty along with a natural charisma Freddy P. has validated himself as the real thing and not a gimmicky commercial artist. When asked where he draws his inspiration for his lyrics, Freddy P. simply states, “I definitely mean everything I say. If I haven’t lived it or don’t mean it, I can’t deliver it.”


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