Freddy Todd

Freddy Todd


Genre-busting is an understatement. You can’t pin him down with lexicon like lazer-bass and glitch-funk; these phrases fall way short of capturing the expressiveness, fearlessness, and space-traveling qualities of his music.


Based out of Detroit, Freddy Todd is truly a master of his craft not only in the studio but on stages across the globe. Without any pre-recorded sets, Freddy has the skills and the audacity to perform on the fly mixes of 100% original material tailored to his specific audience, mood, and venue each night, be it a theater in northern California, a club in the back alleys of Detroit, or an outdoor festival in the bush off the eastern coast of Australia (occasionally on special nights with his live drummer, His earth shattering, meticulously programmed beats and rhythms, his lazer crunk, funky psychedelic bass and sound design, and his brain tingling, intelligently soul-soaked synths, melodies, and field-recorded samples are sure to shake your consciousness as they blast through airwaves out of top notch sound systems across the universe.


Holla At, Moonflavours, Sick in the City Alive in the Woods, Gourmet Everything w/ Mr Bill, We Wear Capes, Painting in a Silent Eternity, Dopesauce w/ Black Mic, Honey I Crunk'd the Kidz, Neon Spectacle Operator, Winter Soulstice EP, Illegal Summer 'Stache, Space 5 Penthouse, Hallowz Eve EP, Can't Fathom This, Ghost Dance Messiah EP, Handler (Single), Hustle Buster (Single), Slaymaker (Single), Giant Swomp Beast (Single), Ancient Wolf Lurcherz (Single)