Fred Eaglesmith

Fred Eaglesmith


..His shows sell out quickly...are afflicting, emotional affairs, so get your tickets soon. If you don’t come away somewhat distraught after the show, feeling for the heartbreak of the truck driver at Milly’s or the displaced farmer, your heart needs an oil change. -Shain Shapiro. View Mag. 2007


• Canadian singer/songwriter/comedian/painter with 18 CDs to his credit.
• He has spent the past decade performing (solo and with his band) at more than 250 venues per year.
• He tours Canada, the US, Holland, the UK and Australia.
• He has won both a Juno and a Canadian Independent Music award.
• His songs have been covered by Toby Keith, Kasey Chambers, The Cowboy Junkies, Chris Knight, Mary Gauthier, Dar Williams and Blackie and The Rodeo Kings.
• His songs have appeared in Martin Scorsese, James Caan, and Toby Keith movies.
• He writes about Everyman – truck drivers, snowplough operators, small town boys with authenticity and poignancy.
• He attracts a contingent of ultra-devoted fans, who are known as "Fredheads".
• He owns his own record label and may be one of music's most successful indie acts.
• His paintings have a minimum of 3 showings per year.

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Milly's Cafe

Written By: Fred Eaglesmith

They put up the sign for the very last time at Milly's Cafe
They loaded the stuff into the car and they drove away
Milly looked back one last time
And when she turned around she was crying
Billy just listened to the songs the radio played

They drove all the way from Fort Worth to Amarillo
When Milly woke up she had make-up all over her pillow
Billy had stopped at the EZ Pawn
And bought them up a couple of guns
Tomorrow he said was going to be a brand new day

Milly and Billy tore up the entire West
They started holding up liquor stores and then they turned to banks
And it wasn’t very long at all
Their picture was on the Post Office wall
And it seemed like the whole world was looking for them

And the roads just get rougher
Out in West Texas
The Cowboys are tougher
And the young girls are restless
And the winds take the towns
And there ain’t any signs
But there’s always a hill to climb
On the West Texas skyline

Milly was raised a Christian in Abilene
Her father was a preacher
In the biggest church you ever did see
When word came down about Milly and Billy
He made a call up to New York City
Sent for some boys to come down
And set things straight

He met Millie in El Paso
Underneath a tree in the parking lot of a motel
And the next day when Billy went in the bank
She started the car and she drove away
When Billy came out he never had a chance

They put up the sign one more time at Milly’s Café
They loaded the stuff out of the car and into the doorway
Milly looked back one last time
When she turned around she was crying
Her daddy just got in his car and he drove away


Written By: Fred Eaglesmith

Rocky, I’m writing you this letter,
I’m in the sunset home.
My grandkids went and put me here,
They got everything I own.
I know your out in Albuquerque,
I saw Freddy just last week.
He said your eyesight’s failing you
And your mouths to sore to speak,
Rocky, I’ve been thinking lately,
How we never got along
How mostly I was right,
But sometimes I was wrong.
Remember, that horse we bought in Tulsa?
He was afraid of the starting gun.
We filled his ears full of cotton,
And all the money that we won?

They don’t show many Westerns on TV here,
And they took away my gun.
But I still got that Western saddle,
The one we stole from Freddy’s son.
Rocky, I hear that they’re feeding you.
And it sure did make me sad;
I never thought in all my days,
You’d ever end up like that.
Remember, that trailer in Minnesota?
That axle broke right in two,
We wired it together with 2x4’s,
And we drove the whole night through.

So Rocky, I’ll just sign off now.
I’ve been up most of the night.
I just wanted to tell you
When I heard the news;
It damn near made me cry.
Remember that gun we bought in Reno?
You shot Freddy right through the hand.
You wrapped it up in your best western shirt,
And gave him all the money that you had.

Rocky, you sure were a good cowboy.
You sure could rope and ride.
I always told you not to chew
That Goddamn tobacco.
You could have listened just one time.


* TINDERBOX (2008)

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• There Ain't No Easy Road (1991)
• Indiana Road (1987)
• The Boy That Just Went Wrong (1983)
• Fred J. Eaglesmith (1980)

Set List

The Fred Eaglesmith song catalogue is immense. Every show is a perfect blend of Fred Eaglesmith classics, new fan favorites, and quick witted banter, making each Fred Eaglesmith Show a unique experience.