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"Hello Mr. Engler"

Hello Mr. Engler,
Greetings from one of the biggest independent music stations here. We have just received three of your cd’s “Since Then ‘Til Now” . This e-mail is not only on behalf of the station through me as music manager but also incorporates two music assistants. l have listened numerous times and could hear so many influences who in the end had no bearing on what l was listening to. You have a stunning Jazz cd here and one that l like very much. I could sit here and say you sound like so and so or anybody else that comes to mind but that would be selling this cd short as it is far more deserving of radio play than most that l have placed in front of me. This cd lives and breathes modern comtempory Jazz. This cd however is one that is to be listened to and savored,
enjoyed and celebrated. You have won us over with this impressive cd, also must say that the fusion style guitar was a winner with us sitting comfortably with flute, as l said to all who heard the cd in my office there are so many avenues to travel down and enjoy. We are the cities leading Jazz music station and already the feedback has been wonderful from all who have heard me playing the cd in my office. Here in my office when listening to your cd we all agreed that it is refreshing and innovative with wonderful instrumentation, arrangements and compositions.Our daily listenership exceeds 600000 and our web site generates in excess of 6 million hits per month, you can check us out at Allocating your cd was extremely easy as l have placed you with the number 1 Jazz show on our grid ,(25 years on air!!), “Jazz On Saturday” with David Shields Saturday 9 to 11am. The second to “Sunday Sessions” with Desi Dee Sunday 1 to 3pm, the third to “Giant Steps” with Simon Bonney, (noted Jazz bassist here), Tuesday 11am to 1pm. All will provide you with the best exposure in this city. On behalf of all of us, l want to thank-you for your great music but also to say welcome to Melbourne’s leading independent music station
Regards Peter.
- Peter Merrettt-Music Manager PBS 106-7 FM, Melbourne Australia

"Hello Fred"

I received Since then till now a few weeks ago and have added the following tracks to permanent rotation on Mondo Blu Radio: COMPULSIVE LOVER - SMASH, GRABA ND RUN - HANGING ON - SAMBUCA SAMBA - ANDROMEDA JOURNEY - WHY AREN'T YOU HERE - MEET ME IN RIO - DESERT SERENADE - STOKING THE FIRE - SATISFACTION It's clear that you have experience in soundtracks, because the name and feel of the tracks suggest a different soundscape in each one and could easily be part of a film or documentary evoking different scenes. The band is amazing! Two pieces that stood out for me were the lead guitar on COMPULSIVE LOVER and WHY AREN'T YOU HERE, just incredible. All in all, this is very easy and accessible listening (in the best sense of the words) and streets ahead in musicanship of comparable offerings. - Paul De Micheli Mondo Blu Radio Barcelona

"Fantastic Album"

Great stuff for our Radio Station. - Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio

"Many thanks for sending this C.D"

This is an absolutely superb recording,a veritable cornucopia of Jazz moods,themes, and influences all combining to an end product of the utmost quality. A variation of tempos and rhythms coupled with Musicianship of the highest level make this a pleasure to listen to. The Guitar playing on Track 8 was outstanding, reminiscent of Carlos Santana at his best. The entire production is extremely well conceived,crafted,produced, written and arranged, and I can find little fault with it. Top marks to Mr Engler and all involved, as an old Sports Coach once said to me "there is no substitute for class" - John Reid,Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM Keith Banffshire SCOTLAND

"I sat down to listen to this CD and wow!,"

I sat down to listen to this CD and wow!,
The compositions and arrangements are beautifully crafted so that each
of the tracks have different textures and moods with a mixture of
instrumental and vocal tracks.
One cannot get bored with this album.
I must say that I was blown away, Fred Engler has really excelled

Hennie Bekker
- Hennie Bekker

"Keyboardist/Pianist of the Year 2008"

Fred Engler won “Keyboardist/Pianist of the Year 2008” at the 2009 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards! - Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Winner


Since then ‘till now - 2008



FRED ENGLER - Biography

Fred Engler won “Keyboardist/Pianist of the Year 2008” at the 2009 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards!

Keyboardist/Composer Fred Engler, grew up learning to play classical piano initially. However, in his search of greater musical freedom, he ultimately became hooked on jazz in his teens and followed through by playing the party circuit throughout his years in university.

As other pressures in life arose, Fred was compelled to virtually desert his music for a period of decades as he focused more on worldly things – such as earning a living and raising a family.

In any event, composing catchy melodies for films and jingles now and again wasn’t really his ultimate goal. So, in the past few years, Fred's longstanding and ongoing fascination with West Coast jazz finally provoked him not just to visualize but also to realize his first full studio project, since then ‘till now, focusing on precisely what has always motivated him musically – melody.

To this end, Fred has teamed himself up with producer, Dima Graziani and then tapped into Toronto's dynamic music scene assembling a superb cast of 18 musicians for what is a truly remarkable Canadian smooth jazz debut. In Graziani’s studio, Engler’s silky smooth riffs enabled his melodies to reign in what is a truly gratifying blend of both vocal and instrumental tracks – while, at the same time, creating some delicious space in his beautifully-crafted orchestrations for extemporizing by improvisation masters such as saxophonist Andy Snitzer, guitarist Tony Zorzi and flutist Bill McBirnie.

So successful has Engler’s very first release proven to be that Fred has been nominated as “Keyboardist/Pianist of the Year” for the 2009 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards (which honours outstanding artists, both Canadian and international, who have contributed to the success of the Smooth Jazz format here in Canada).

Fred fully intends to pursue his craft as he indicated in a recent Smooth Indie Star interview where he states:

Toronto is absolutely amazing in terms of the wealth of world-class talent here – and in every area – whether it’s recording facilities, musicians, production capability – you name it! That makes for a very healthy scene and I really hope that my debut release will advance the cause of Smooth Jazz here in Canada and beyond because this is a great – as well as an accessible – idiom that focuses on the most important thing which caught my attention as a young musician in the first place – melody!