Frederick and Erica Barr

Frederick and Erica Barr


Frederick & Erica Barr is an urban/soul contemporary and gospel duo who focuses their music on love and positive relationships. We've hosted as well as been the special musical guest on TBN. We're also former members of the "Dr. Bobby Jones Nashville Super Choir". Our music changes lives and brings healing to the soul.


Frederick & Erica Barr
This couple first burst on the music scene with their debut project “I Promised” with their signature LOVE song “I’m Sorry”, which propelled them across the globe, touring Europe and sharing the message of marital healing and reconcilation. This Gospel message left us wanting for more and truly they did not disappoint us with their sophmore release “Just Like God”.
As singers, songwriters, producers, and pastors, their musical background ranges from vocalists with Grammy nominated Dr. Bobby Jones & The Nashville Super Choir appearing on “BET” on “Bobby Jones Gospel” & “Video Gospel” to regular appearances on Trinity Broadcast Network TBN and many national and international venues.
Their limitless range of musical composition is incredible, embracing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ with conviction. They WOW you with their ecclectic style in the Christian contemporary and Hip-Hop arrangments of “Just Like God”, “Swing Low”, “Hey Ya’ll”, and “Get Out of My Life”, This project will satisfy the tastes of the finest music connoisseur.
Combining both talent and anointing to create musical harmony that brings joy, inspiration and restoration to the entire world, both young and old. The Barr’s possess the ability to reach into the very soul of the listener and compel them to enter into the presence of the Lord. With Christian Contemporary Worship & Praise, Traditional & R&B compositions, your musical palet will be thrilled and enhanced by this talented team.


I'm Sorry
Sometimes I Cry
I've Got it
I Promised