Frederick Dare

Frederick Dare


My music takes you on a Soulful journey through all the human emotions. It starts with happiness take a trip to love and hate. My music comes from my soul and I would love to share it with the world. We all have hard times and music can make life a little better to deal with.


The singer, song writer Frederick Dare Brockington has been gracing stages since he took naps in his Kindergarten class, but this singing sensation is no milk and cookies. Listening to the sounds of this finely tuned and well trained vocalist will leave your musical hunger satisfied.

Brockington grew up in Hampton, Virginia. He began his singing career in a small Pentecostal Church, The Church of Jesus. There he sang to his and the audiences’ hearts’ content. He became the president of the Mass Choir and led the choir as they toured the city. He also took on the competitive realm of music in his high school career. Competing for Hampton High School Acapella Choir, Brockington successfully represented his school in state and regional competitions.

Brockington held to his grassroots of Gospel music, but later developed more as a great R&B artist as his venues changed. His venues changed from church services and choir competitions to weddings and local shows in Hampton. Before Brockington’s arrival to Atlanta, GA, he wrote and recorded in a Hampton studio with Writer/Producer Mike Crowell. Together they wrote many songs and recorded hits like: “In My Dreams” and “Holding On.”

After moving to Atlanta, Brockington has become highly requested for weddings and some funerals. His music has developed over the years into a highly coveted craft. Brockington’s goal is to share his passion for music with songs displaying his life experiences, giving his audience and the one’s to come a true musical experience

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