Frederick Winters

Frederick Winters

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission IMPROVable performs short, fast-paced, hilarious, improvisational comedy games (ala the popular television show "Who's Line is it Anyway?") around the theme of the movie Mission Impossible. The “missions” are created on the spot and based solely on suggestions taken from the audience.


Hey Everyone!!!! You'll detect from the moment I walk on stage that there's no place I'd rather be. I love entertaining college crowds and demonstrating the incredible powers of the human imagination. But more importantly, the CROWDS have an AMAZING time! Thousands of people over the past many years have told me, "I never laughed so hard in my life!" Wow...I can't imagine hearing anything better than that.

How did I become a hypnotist? I met a great hypnotist named George Vaughn Lowther while in college at Northwestern University in Chicago. Vaughn taught me a great deal about hypnosis and how to perform it too. I'm truly indebted to him. Soon I started performing at small parties, then later at resorts and on cruise ships.

After becoming certified in hypnotherapy, I partnered with my agents Scott Bass and Chris Schuler (Bass/Schuler Entertainment) in 1990 - and we never looked back! My performance calendar is out of sight. 200 shows annually. That translates into lots of air miles...but I'm humbled daily by the great reviews and rebookings that come my way. I truly enjoy the advisors, students and corp execs who work with me each day to insure a successful show - and I love demonstrating hypnosis and the powers of the human mind to anyone who will watch. If I haven't performed for YOUR school or company yet, I hope you will afford me that opportunity soon.

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