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Fred Jones


Fred Jones is a three piece band, consisting only of drums, bass, piano, and vocals. Coming from San Diego, the band plays a sort of "indie jazz", similar to Ben Folds Five. The band's debut EP, "Life and Wine" celebrates the many moods of love, life, and being, and are an amazing group live.


Inventive. Unique. Idealistic. Insightful. All these words accurately describe one of the many personalities of Fred Jones, a band that both flirts with the complexity of music but stays faithful to the reliance of a good pop song. In the summer of 2005, Fred Jones, still unnamed at the time, started out merely as a casual occurrence between longtime friends, Jason Encabo and Ray Orias. The two liked what they had and decided to take it further. They paraded through a series of short- lived titles like “Friends & Lovers” and “Flying Kites” before settling on the name “Fred Jones”, as a way to pay tribute to their main musical influence, Ben Folds. Also at this time, they wrote a collection of songs that would inevitably make their first self-released EP, Life & Wine.

What is so defining about Fred Jones’ sound is that the band only depends on drums, bass, piano, and vocals as the means to carrying the note, but this does not necessarily equate to the band setting itself boundaries. Rather, it is the opposite. Fred Jones is able to create something that is refreshing and faintly familiar by truly capturing a mixture of several musical genres. By listening to just one song, the influence of Ben Folds is apparent, yet there are hints of anything from sixties’ Motown to modern hip hop enclosed in the overall melody.

Although the band, Fred Jones, is somewhat new to the music scene, its core members, Jason Encabo and Ray Orias, have paid their dues. First working together in late 2001, they, along with two other friends, played in a band called “The Artificial Amateurs”. One year later, the band self-released their first EP, Good From Far, but Far From Good. They reached a substantial local following, playing a series of shows, contributing songs for a national CD compilation, and releasing one more EP before finally calling it quits in mid 2003. Not to be deterred, the boys made their time for other projects. Jason Encabo established his independent clothing line, “Thin Line Clothing”, and Ray Orias started the acoustic band, “Schröeder”.

His band released two EPs and a full length, all in the span of two years. However, the two friends proved to have strong ties because in December of 2004, they collaborated together, along with another friend, to form the electronic group, a²+b²=c². In early 2005, Orias moved to Northern England, where he was able to regain some perspective. Upon coming back that summer, he ended his acoustic band, wanting to play in a band with a more lively and wide-ranging sound.

Fast-forward to just one year later and the boys released their first record, Life & Wine. Life & Wine is a testament to living in the moment and celebrating the many moods of life, love, alcohol, and friendship. The EP begins quietly, with the anticipatory introduction, “The Coming Together of Everything”, but soon picks up with its anthemic second track, “Here and Now”. Next, Fred Jones offers a delightfully positive message of action and being with “The Weight of My Intentions”, and goes into a discourse on existentialism with “The Jive”. The EP follows with the instant pop gem, “La Plus Belle Fille Au Monde”, and finishes off tastefully with its epitomizing last track, “Entropy”.

So what’s next for our boys? Although no one knows for sure, the future of Fred Jones looks extremely bright and promising. Just recently picking up their close friend and fellow musician, Ash Thorp, as their bass player, Fred Jones is extremely anxious to hit the stage. With a new sound at hand, and after more than six years of repetitious trial and error, Jason and Ray have finally found something that works so naturally and sounds just too good to pass up.


The Weight Of My Intentions

Written By: Ray Orias

i believe there’s something going on inside of me. an unexpected concern for how things ought to be. i won’t take things sitting down. i’m gonna make things happen. i give faith that everything will somehow find its place. eventually seek solace. taking form and shape. all things will reach harmony with the weight of my intentions. i will no longer leave it all to chance. it’s courageously brave to seek some form of change when idleness just won’t do. i am filled with a passionate eloquence to being the first to acting on my word and staying long enough to see things through. i have passed up so many chances with much regret cause of all things that weren’t done or weren’t said but now it’s my time to shine and the whole world is waiting. i have suffered greatly from a bout of subtly yet the time and turn to act has fallen upon me. it’s not quick to letting go. it has taken a hold of me.

La Plus Belle Fille Au Monde

Written By: Ray Orias

i’ll be so good for you. i do believe that i’ve fallen madly for all your charms that I find enchanting. i’m hoping you have followed in my falling and are keeping to every foolish folly cause i’ll be so good for you and you’ll be so good for me. you’re awfully cute after you’ve been drinking. your cheeks are rouged in a lively rosy brilliance. we don’t have to know the words to every song we merrily sing. we can make it up as we go along. i’ll be so good for you and you’ll be so good for me. make my lungs want to sing at the thought of romance. make my legs jump for joy and heart wanna dance.

Here And Now

Written By: Ray Orias

those foolish nights were not so long ago yet it recedes like a distant dream. a memory of some far and passing time. but even now i’m still inside its glow. filled with warmth and sudden awe when I recall that we were drunk off life and wine. i thought you ought to know that i miss you so bad cause of circumstance that brought you far away. you do what you do. i’m so proud of you and i always will be if you keep your head up. we will inherit the city. the streets will be in our name. hear that. the night is calling for us to come out and play. i know you do remember how to have some fun. stand back cause nothing can stop us now/hold us down. this town is ours so come and dance with me outside on open streets. let’s have the traffic be the music that we hear. the music’s gone but we sing the melody that reminds us of the best of times when we had so much to see and discover. you will forever be a little part of me and i swear i’m more like you with every day. this secret that we share will always be there. we are here and now. we are caught in a constant. we’re both poor but our lives are rich. heads up. it’s so intriguing to never know what will happen next. each time a fine adventure. one meant to live it up. stand back cause nothing can stop us now.


San Diego Soundscape (Comp. 2007)
"La Plus Belle Fille Au Monde"

Life & Wine (EP 2006)
"La Plus Belle Fille Au Monde"

"Entropy" 94.9 FMSD
"La Plus Belle Fille Au Monde" Insomnia Radio SD
"The Weight of My Intentions" Indie for Bunnies podcast/indie blog

Set List

Acapella Intro
The Jive
La Plus Belle Fille Au Monde
It's Not Too Late
Jam Interlude
The Weight Of My Intentions
Mr. Andrews
Here and Now
These Modern Times

As an introduction, Fred Jones almost always starts with an acapella introduction as a way to showcase the band's harmonies and to separate themselves from other bands. A usual set runs at about 45 minutes in length.