BandHip Hop

One of a kind, something new and different. Destine to be a legend, stand out from others.


FRED MILLA, born march 19 1983 on the south side of chicago, and raised on the west side. Has been recording since the age of 11, & even back then he has had plans of taking over the game.
Sounds Like, ME MYSELF AND I!! THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER!!! Influences 2pac, Nas, and older brothers, SWIFO, and KHAINE a.k.a T.WIL.

Never try to make a hit. Write whats in your heart, and what you feel, and the shit will be a classic. Those who try hard to make a hit end up being a failure. Write what you know, what you are, and where you want to be, not what you want to be, or who you want to be. A want to be aint real, and the listeners will know when the shit is fake. So be real with your self, and you will always feel good about your music, because you will know that you are spittin from the heart, and every word is the truth.

Set List

My sets are open to whatever the promoter wants. The promoter lets me know how long and how many songs.