Fred Odell

Fred Odell

 Crockett, California, USA

Walking the twin paths of lone troubadour singer- songwriter introspection and Crazy Horse/Byrds-esque classic rock, Fred Odell's music is rooted firmly in the soil of Americana with touches of pop and blues.

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That's Alright

Written By: Fred Odell

Alabama's fallen to another night
We used up all we could find
Looking for a way to make it mean something
Anything to get by

Living through the days when the rain comes down
Loud enough that you can't think
Staring out the window at nothing at all
Bottles in the kitchen sink

Well that's alright
That's alright
That's alright
That's Alright

Friday night in that same bar
All the people come and go
Too many voices with too much to say
Underneath the neon glow
She was nothing but trouble but trouble ain't nothing
He couldn't stand to try
Dollars in the jukebox and another round
Gonna drink the barroom dry


Down across the river on the other side
Looking down the other end
Sitting at the corner of that same bar
Waiting for his downtown friends

All the king's men come down so hard
It's just a matter of time
Dollars for the jukebox and another round
Gonna drink the barroom dry


Long Time Gone

Written By: Fred Odell

Street light shadow cast along the windowpane
Footsteps coming down through the winter rain

City lights alive
While they all sleep
As the 67 line
Rolls down the street

I don’t know just where it is we’re trying to go
But I follow close behind past the neon glow

As all the bars let out
And the people go
They all bum a light
For their last smoke

It's been a long time gone
It's been a long time gone
Been a long time gone
It's been a long time come and gone

There’s a coffee stain on a page of classifieds
Rooms for rent and lives to sell or buy

And why does moving on
Feel like going back
And how do you move at all
When you come off the track

She’ll let her long hair down and put the kids to sleep
Pour another glass of wine to wash away the week

And watch the night sky
Without a sound
All those bright distant stars never touch the ground


The longer I wait
Feel time slip away
From today

He came back home in 1970
Went and booked him a room in the Hotel Burgundy

Heard there was a decent bar
Down on Jackson Street
But they make you show your money
Before you take a seat



Fred Odell and the Broken Arrows (2005)
Carquinez (2010)