Fred Prellberg

Fred Prellberg


Original singer/songwriter with style rich in '60s & '70s melodic pop-rock influences, recalling such artists as Ian Hunter, Elliott Murphy, Paul Kelly & The Kinks. With a strong emphasis on literate & well-crafted songs, reviewers cite influences while praising the originality in their evocation.


While reviewers often refer to the 'classic' '60s & '70s influences of my music, my sound has not been accused of being calculated or forced, or even unoriginal. They are simply the products of the influences of a music lover (first) & musician whose tastes were formed in the Beatles & post-Beatles eras, & yet keenly appreciative of styles & artists that range from Chuck Berry to Ramones, from Muddy Waters to Bruce Springsteen, & from Elvis Presley to Abba. In fact, while my songs have been noted for their diversity, the common thread is the melodicism & consistency in vision & purpose.


Stay Where You Are

Written By: Fred Prellberg

I may be slow, I may be blind
I may be weak in body & mind
I may not be so suave or refined
but stay where you are & I'll make you mine...

No Man's Land

Written By: Fred Prellberg

...Out beneath the stars of Memphis
on an aimless midnight stroll
I happened upon salvation -
the gates of rock'n'roll...

Real Real Wild

Written By: Fred Prellberg

...When I drink gin the past looms up before me / it bows & takes its leave without a word / when I drink gin everyone adores me / & I do some crazy stuff that's what I heard...


Written By: Fred Prellberg

I was 10 years old at the time / they caught me stealin' at the five & dime / they didn't call the cops, they called my father instead / I knew in my heart I was bad / I knew I brought shame on my dad / then on the way home I couldn't believe what he said / he said, Lie / say what you must to get by / don't think about it just lie / I know you can if you try...

Mari Tamed the Mountain Lion

Written By: Fred Prellberg

...Mrs Scott shouted to her daughter to turn the TV off / Dr. Barnes told Adam Rankins to turn his head & cough / Mahvash told me not to worry, she said it happens all the time / Timmy said it's just a penny, I said, 'ten pennies make a dime'...

Mankind Dies at Sulfur City

Written By: Fred Prellberg

...That death is a resolution I'm gonna tell you twice / they say death is a final conclusion, but for me it's just a plot device...

Moments Like These

Written By: Fred Prellberg

There are moments when time has no meaning / when she to the moment agrees / that time is a measure of blessings / but then there are moments like these...

Against a Rainy Day

Written By: Fred Prellberg

...You keep rare spices in the pantry, & there's bandages in a drawer / you've got umbrellas in the closet, but you know what they're for...

Good For You

Written By: Fred Prellberg

Phyllis has a boyfriend / she's an honest wife / she keeps one from the other / she leads a simple life / but the thing about her that I know for sure / one makes her bark the other makes her purr / Phyllis has a boyfriend & I say, 'good for her'...

Toe to Toe (Hey! Vito)

Written By: Fred Prellberg

...Well, it's the first of the month & I just got paid / well, pardon my French but I'm a-gonna get laid / I'm gonna find me a gal with a delicate hand / I been screwed by the system & fucked by 'the Man'...


2005: Last of the Rock Star Stars (lp)
2008: Ten Pennies Make a Dime
I've received airplay on various college & community radio stations throughout US, & I've had some songs streamed on music blogs.

Set List

I don't play out that often so there is no typical setlist. I generally play 45 - 60 minutes, mainly original songs although I will perform some covers that relate to my influences, but only rarely would a cover be contemporary or current. I am also open & available for solo acoustic sets which consist of same original to cover ratio of material.