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Wilmington, Delaware, United States | SELF

Wilmington, Delaware, United States | SELF
Band Christian Gospel




"Fan Reviews: Your Love"

I wanted to put more than 5 stars but that's the highest. Keep up the great work!
reviewer: Sheena

Cd is on the cutting edge of today’s gospel and will serve to draw the young in Christ.
reviewer: Jeffery m.

This is a great cd, great production the young people need to hear this one look out world
reviewer: Muzik,Yo radio show

FAVOR is "Raw talent smothered in HIS anointing!" Keep it real and you are going places! Luv ya!!!
reviewer: Lady Bolden

only a few words to sum up this cd is 17 tracks of pure inspiration
reviewer: Alfred Hawkins

5 stars do not do this cd justice. R & B Flava just the way I like it. True Men Of God with R & B flavor that is HOT!!!!! With Favor on OUR side, there is NO need for worldly music (Chris Brown, Usher, etc.). Christians get ready to enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!
reviewer: DJ Tony Tone (BKS)
- Source: CD Baby

"Soundout* Reviews: Take Up Ya Cross"

Great Uplifting Song praising God. You can't find many of these songs anymore, and it is always good to get some positive music out there.
reviewer: Male, Age 25-34

Well written and well performed religious song here. The vocal is passionate and soulful throughout. The variety of the song is good and it swings from highs to lows well. The fans of this niche genre will certainly enjoy this music.
reviewer: Male, Age 16-24

This track is amazing!
reviewer: Female, Age 16-24

Strong song with a big chorus, very singable and strong overall. Love the tones and this singer has solid command of the mic. This is strong and well versed all over.
reviewer: Male, Age 25-34

You have the talent, voice, structure, and energy needed to be successful. The band is gifted, they play the instruments in a pleasing way. I'm also impressed with the quality, mixing, and mastering the song has.
reviewer: Male, 25-34

I'm not normally a religious fan, but this one has a nice, good rhythm. The words are nice. It makes you think without shoving the ideas into you
reviewer: Female, 25-34

Another nice song here. I like that the artists managed to make me bounce my head. Very well trained voices and nice musical arrangement
reviewer: Male, 25-34

I must (sp) say the song really rocks as the music has the power to make someone enjoy. Beats are deadly. Nice song. Keep It Up.
reviewer: Male 25-34

Amazing and lovely song right here. Oh wow, you have managed to keep it all well and good. I love your velvety, husky vocals for sure. It has got to do with so many good things, so carry the load well….love it, go all the way.
reviewer: Female, Age 25-34

The performance of the artist has so much passion and sensation…I am thrilled listening to it.
reviewer: Male, Age 25-34

The performance of the singer is really cool and also the instrumentation sounded so complete and so lively and I like it. The vibrant and energetic voice of the singer is also very nice because it matches the intensity of the background music. The timing of this track is so vibrant which is lovely.
reviewer; Male, 25-34

I could easily hear this song over and over as the rhythm was song and had the right moves. It was nicely produced and the singer had the tone to match.
reviewer: Female, 35-44

"Fan Reviews: Good Fight of Faith"

Great album! Easy listening music. I feel like other genres of music are present in this album and that’s a good thing because it meets people right where they are. I feel a lot of people will be able to relate to this album because of the message that is being spread.
reviewer: Sheena

Love It!!! Your music is AMAZING!!!
reviewer: Arielle

Heard the single and it is a hit. I need this CD.
reviewer: Kesha Walton

Fred, it is truly a blessing to see you doing something that you love to do! You are having a positive long lasting effect on people! Keep doing what you do, it is praying off a server of God, a husband, a father, a son, an uncle, a cousin, and a friend!!!! Love you!
reviewer: Sharronda

I enjoyed listening to the song "Take Up Ya Cross" lyrics ring truth! Excellent website! I signed up and I will revisit your website again. Comments inspiring!
reviewer: Matti Mangrum


Good Fight of Faith (2011)
Take Up Ya Cross - Single (2011)
Your Love (2007) as Favor
I Could Never Repay You (2004) as Favor



"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"(Heb.11:1).

With 19 years in the music business, Fred Reed is gospel singer, writer, and producer. Now in 2011, he has embarked on the journey of releasing his highly anticipated debut solo album, Good Fight of Faith.

Good Fight of Faith is a ten-track testimonial of how throughout our lives we will face adversity but through God’s grace, we will be victorious in our journey.

“This whole album is just based around life in general”, explains Fred. “In the process of doing this album, I dedicated my time and my life to just getting before Him, talking to the Lord, and praying. The result was my testament about being a Christian, a young Christian, a family man, a husband, a son, a friend, and trying to be true to God.”

The album is about the importance of being Faithful to God and keeping Him first as you encounter life’s struggles. He begs the question; will you fight the good fight and let God lead you to victory? The debut single, Take up Ya Cross is powerful declaration that it’s time to step up, take up your cross, and do your best to live in Jesus’s image. Riveting with high energy, an electric sound, and Fred’s distinctive vocals, Take Up Ya Cross is sure to motivate everyone to step up and allow God to take the lead.

“No man is perfect, but we can try to be humble and focused like he was. He obeyed his father, didn’t compromise, and always stood fast and stayed on his word. It’s a tough task, but we all have to strive for it.”

On the track Who Do Men Say That I Am, Fred explores the question of what does God mean to you.

“I ask that question personally to every person who listens to the album. I don’t just want people of God to listen to this album. I want people who don’t believe and hopefully they will learn something from the album and hear something that will grab a hold of them and get to the God that I serve.”

There is a song for everyone on Good Fight of Faith no matter where you are in building your relationship with God. Those who are just beginning their walk with Christ will sit back and enjoy the song entitled Human. Understanding that we all fall short and at times place our focus on man needs instead of Gods Will, Human shows the inner struggles of trying to be perfect and make decisions based on others peoples happiness when, in fact, you should be trying to please God.

“On the song Human, I talk about of lot of things that I experienced including some of the rejections, and trying to be perfect to please everybody when first I should have been trying to please God.”

Good Fight of Faith is the bridge to get you through the time between Sundays. That's the Monday through Saturday praise when you’re struggling with the trials, tribulations, and temptations of life. Filled with R&B smooth grooves, the energy of rock, and the catchiness of pop, Good Fight of Faith spans across genres.

“There are all different types of genres of gospel; it’s the lyrics and the passion in the delivery that converts the songs.”

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Fred Reed was the youngest of 13 children. He always had a passion for music, and spent a lot his free time singing around the house and watching his favorite music videos. Fred was raised primarily by his mother and in a struggling environment. Therefore, he wanted to help his family and provide a better life for them. He found that opportunity in music.

Fred joined his brother’s singing group, East 27th Street (formally 4U), and opened for great artists including Gerald Levert, Mary J. Blige, 112, Run DMC, Keith Murray, Big Daddy Kane, Dougie Fresh, and Cypress Hill. They performed on BET’s Teen Summit and at the Apollo Theatre. They recorded at major studios like Ruff House Columbia and with a young Scott Storch, one of the biggest producers today.

Being on the road gave Fred the opportunity to build his relationship with God. He began to learn more about God and the voice God gave him was a gift. He started praying to God about the possibilities his music could have on others. He knew his voice was a gift and he felt overwhelmed and inspired to use it for God’s Will.

“I realized that through songs you could change the world. And I learned that music used in the right way could heal, change your mind, bring comfort, and give you a way to express yourself.”

Fred decided to give his life to God and left East 27th Street to form, Favor, a new gospel group dedicated to spreading the word of God. Favor performed at the on Bobby’s Jones Artist Retreat, competed in various competitions, and toured across both US coasts. They had the privilege of performing at the Olympic of The Arts in Burbank, CA and The Gospel Heritage New Artist Showcase in College Park, GA. In 2005, they released their debut album, I Could Never Repay You, followed by Your Love in 2007.

In 2010, Fred embarked on the next leg of his musical jour