Fredrick and The Golden Dawn

Fredrick and The Golden Dawn


The classic film "Freaks" comes to mind, which is one of my all time favorites. The Golden Dawn cannot really be tied down to one particular all the cool elements of many can be heard courageously blended throughout the gypsy journey that this band takes.


Fredrick and The Golden Dawn are a Dublin based Band Led By Kevin Nolan. Formed in 2006 "out of coffee shop conversation around Dublin City" There influences include Jack Kerouac, Chico Marx, Captain Beefheart, Five-0, Harry Partch, Charles Bukowski and Ragtime Jazz. Their sound has been described as a Sinister Circus, and their debut EP "Sixes and Sevens" combines Found sound with a cappella harmonies.


"Sixes and Sevens" The songs off Sixes and Sevens can be heard most Monday mornings on The Soup show on Dublin's Anna livia radio station

Set List

Our sets are usually 1/2 hour to 45 min and include.
1. Oil On Canvas
2. Splinter
3. Blood Wedding
4. Dog Daze
5. Way of The World
6. Caveat Emptor
7. 1000 Endings
8. Texas
9. Sally's Song
10. Baudelaire

We don't do covers.