Da Free Agents

Da Free Agents

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Da Free Agents is the hottest hip-hop act coming out of the south. They are definite trend setters with a variety of hits for all walks of life.Take advantage of catching them on the uprise. I believe a legacy has been born........


The free agents came about with the new millenium.Though as solo artist they struggled for exposure they still remained constant.Now the hottest duo in the south has emerged and are ready to get their just deserves


the free agents released there first hit "up in da club" to the radio in the tennessee valley in huntsville.They have opened up for Mike Jones in Chicago. Trina/Choppa/Mannie Fresh/Pastor Troy/?dem Franchise Boys/and have done exclusive shows in Tennessee. They blazed the south and are headed to the midwest.

Set List

they album will contain over 17 tracks with skits and various collaborations