A new duel with unique blend of sounds from fat bass lines, indie kick, funky melody and the experience of music producing from 6 and 10 plus years.Spinning some of the hot new tracks in todays dance electro clubs,and trying to expand there djing to a live performence group


Christopher Freewater /been djing for 6 years,producing for 5 years
Dave Cabron /djing for 10 producing for 11, we are a group who's influences very in multi artist's like Daft Punk,BT,Paul Van Dyke, to shinny toy guns,Guild,White rose movement and LMFAO. We are just trying to create music that people can relate to, and knowing that we have the heart and drive to play our music to the fullest ,(freewater) was just a breakdancer who would look to (dave)for some mix tracks ,and we would put what we wanted to getter so perfectly so we decide to try the music scene as a group and it has been our passion ever since


well we have been djing for some time and know well are creating a album that we can release soon

Set List

well are typical and favorite set list is
Blow Media- Jack the ripper
Bryan Cox - can't stop
C Aguilera - hurt remix
Gwen Stefani-4inthemornig
KMC-get better
NIN- the hand that feeds
Paris Avenue- i want you
Sharam -the one
David Guetta- yournot alone
Deadmouse-i remember
PVD-white lies
Morgan Page-longest road
Bennassi bro-satifaction
Ronski Speed-space we are
Dave Cabron-discosextrash
GND-out west
mstktf/john l-heartbreaker
Toxic Avengers-dancemusic
bloodybroots-74 virgins
jjflores/steve s-time 4 love
Max Gram-crank
its usaully a 30min to un hour depending on the time slots ,but after being in the studio we have some songs of our own that we play