Freebase Hyperspace

Freebase Hyperspace

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Portland, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Hard Rock




"Freebase Hyperspace-Planet High"

Issued on limited blue vinyl through StoneFly Records, Freebase Hyperspace‘s first full-length, Planet High, is much more clearheaded in its delivery than the band would seem to want you to think. Sure, it’s got its cosmic echo in the guitar and the vocals and so on, but beneath that are solidified grooves shuffling, boogieing and underscoring even the solo-fueled jam-outs on “Golden Path” and “Introversion” with a thick, don’t-worry-we-got-this vibe. The band is comprised of vocalist Ayrian Quick, guitarist Justin Acevedo, bassist Stephen Moore and drummer Peter Hurd, and they answer 2018’s Activation Immediate not quite immediately but with fervent hooks and a resonant sense of motion. It’s from Portland, and it’s a party, but Planet High upends expectation in its bluesy vocals, in its moments of drift and in the fact that “Cat Dabs” — whatever that means, I don’t even want to look it up — is an actual song rather than a mess of cult stoner idolatries, emphasizing the niche being explored. And just because it bears mentioning, heavy rock is really, really white. More BIPOC and diversity across the board only makes the genre richer. But even those more general concerns aside, this one’s a stomper. - The Obelisk

"Freebase Hyperspace-Planet High"

Doomed & Stoned is stoked to bring you the streaming premiere of ‘Planet High’ (2022) by FREEBASE HYPERSPACE. The Portland stoner-funk 'n’ heavy psych outfit have been jamming away in the Rose City since 2016 and are preparing to rocket out of this mother this Friday. Their style is immediately accessible, most likely owing to its irresistible funkiness – something the band has dubbed “cosmic boogie.”

Freebase Hyperspace deliver a dirty tape echo carrier wave of cosmic boogie rock that washes away the pain of the material world and sends love through the soul. Listeners experience a gyration of the hyper dimensional loins, radiance within the solar plexus, and explosive third eye inner visions.

Indeed, the new album is chock full of these things, with plenty of soul to spare. As you listen to the opening track, “Planet High,” dig the nasty dissonance of those guitar chords and the cosmic vocals of Ayrian Quick. He’s exactly the guy you want around when there’s an important announcement to be made, because he’ll get the crowd’s attention in a hurry with his resounding, authoritative tone. As I listened, I was reminded of Corey Clover from Living Colour who dons a similar vocal style.

“Vice” is next and has a certain grungy, disheveled Pacific Northwest bluesiness about it, something you’ll pick up on from the vulnerable twang of Justin Acevado’s guitar. Then he turns right around and busts out a finger-tangling solo. You’d have to visit Radio Moscow to find an energy this frenetic. Stick around and have some fat bass licks for desert, served up by bassist Stephen Moore.

Fans of Clutch should take to the funkiness of “Ambrose” Here Peter Hurd’s drums get a real workout. “Golden Path” is an 8-minute psychedelic fantasy that shows off all of the band’s powers. The real party song however is “Little Rider,” a garage-punk rocker (with hints of surf) that’s sure to get people spontaneously dancing on the concert floor. A fitting playlist companion to Velvet Revolver’s “Sucker Train Blues”.

And if you can’t get enough of that crunchy jamming we heard earlier, rejoice because “Cat Dabs” delivers the goods. Freebase Hyperspace sink their teeth into the riffage, with aggressive attack and fuzz-drenched tonality. By “Fungi Groove” I’m beginning to appreciate just how well suited Ayrian Quick’s vocals are for this band, providing soaring continuity across the psychedelic sprawl.
The record spins to a finish with a passionate guitar lead, surrounded by the soft haze of cymbals, drums, and bass. Two minutes in, we’re comfortably nested in blues territory. It’s a wonderful way to wrap up the album, a breath of fresh air after a breathless series of songs.

Guitarist Justin Acevado talks about some of the hurdles the band had to overcome in laying down tracks for the new album:

We recorded 'Planet High’ in Fall of 2020 and it was a fucking crazy time. It was during the pandemic with so many uncertainties, but also in the middle of a heat wave with extreme hazard air quality outside (not to mention the protests downtown). We even had to reschedule a couple days because the air was so bad.

Working with Robert Komets was great. We had a killer sounding room for the drum kit and tried to keep most of the recording live with minimal overdubs. I think most (if not all) of the guitar solos are from single takes.

There are plenty of imperfections on the record, but that’s one of the things I like most about it. Used the same EP3 Echoplex that was on the first EP, to get some of the atmosphere in the vocals and guitar leads. I feel like this album has a raw energy and power to it that I’m happy we were able to capture.

Look for Freebase Hyperspace’s Planet High to release digitally on June 17th, with vinyl pre-orders happening that same day via StoneFly Records (pre-order here). Until then, you can soak in these groovy vibes right here, right now.

Give ear… - Doomed and Stoned

"Sabertooth Micro Fest 2019"

was there to cover all of the bands so I ran up the stairs to catch Freebase Hyperspace at the Crystal. Such a different look and feel. Afternoon sunbeams streamed through the high windows and the big, open space of the ballroom was light and bright. Ayrian and the guys slayed with their set and the crowd grew as more people came to listen and imbibe. - Doomed and Stoned-Words & Photos by Stephanie Savenkoff

"Activation Immediate EP Review"

Providing an instant release hit to satisfy the senses, Freebase Hyperspace cast heavy technicolor textures from a multi-phonic mold. Psych, boogie and rock 'n' roll are the essential elements, producing a full-bodied formula of cosmic capacity. Favorite track: Take it All Away. - Loud-Quiet-Loud

"Activation Immediate EP Review"

The Cosmic Boogie tag is all you need to know what you're about to stubble into and its glorious !! Favorite track: Take it All Away. - abnormal_listening_habits

"Activation Immediate EP Review"

AbNormal digs it. Mrs. Cracklins digs it. I dig it. Check out this cosmic boogie for yourself and you will dig it, too. Favorite track: Silent Voices. - Fuzzy Cracklins


Activation Immediate Digital EP/Cassete-2018

Planet High LP-2022



Freebase Hyperspace is a heavy rock band from Portland who formed out of the seething morass of the cities much vaunted underground music scene. Having evolved from the band Billions and Billions, Freebase Hyperspace launched in 2016. The members sought to share the dream of a world where Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix DID get to make a record together and the MC5 was able to dominate the charts. Their sound rides the dirty tape echo carrier wave of cosmic boogie rock that washes away the pain of the material world and shoots love through the soul.

By 2018 the band had released their debut EP, the critically lauded Activation Immediate. This led to performances with titans like Slow Season, King Buffalo and even the almighty Melvins at the legendary Sabertooth Music Festival. With a sound that fuses the magic of Funkadelic with Boris and Grand Funk Railroad with Weedeater, Freebase Hyperspace always knew they would stand out. Add in lyrics fueled by the struggles of the working class it becomes clear why these Portland groove rockers have won over a veritable legion of fans.

Now, the band is gearing up to release their debut full length, Planet High. It’s a logical continuation on the sound that made their EP such a hit. Once more, the band ride forth with psychedelic sounds and hard hitting rhythms. While they search for the ideal label partner they’re also preparing a few uniquely bluesy surprises for their fans. Eager to get back on stage, but with the world at their feet, Freebase Hyperspace are bringing the boogie. Now it’s up to you to join them in their neverending rave-up!

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