Mix dark-jazz & high-energy funk, and you'll have Freebass. With traces of electronica and straight ahead rock-n-roll, Freebass is reinventing jazz/funk into a style all their own. Big, Fat, Dark, & Nasty is how the band describes its music. Now let's see where it takes you!


Freebass has coined the style of dark-jazz into a genre all their own. The band produces an eclectic sound that blends a deep, dark rock-n-roll influence with an abstract dirty-jazz style.

Originally formed as a band with two bassists, Freebass soon revamped their instrumentation into a quartet of guitar, bass, drums, and keys. This all-star cast of Colorado musicians has quickly become one of the premier acts in the local Front Range music scene, and is soon to become a hot ticket nationwide. Big & Fat is the sound. Dark & Nasty is the style. Freebass is the name.

For All Booking Inquiries:

Brandon W. Thompson
EAA / Elysian Artist Agency
(303)832.7679 - Office
(901)626.6429 - Cell


Jeremy S. Walker
EAM / Elysian Artist Management
(303)832.7679 - Office
(720)839.6440 - Cell


EP - Prototype (2006)

Set List

The band performs mostly original songs with a few covers in live performances. The setlist varies from concert to concert.