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The best kept secret in music


"Review - Drink & Destroy"

What would you expect from Austin Texas Drunk Rock's Freebleeder than a live album that has a statement that reads, in part, "Prolonged exposure to this CD may cause drunkenness."

Ten live tracks recorded at Austin clubs like The Dirty Dog, Hanover's Draught House, and The Dizzy Rooster fill this release. Although it's not as good as the real thing (drummer "DrunkJeff" Moore tends to buy me a shot of Jagermeister when I see them live) it's a pretty fitting proxy. It's good, loud and sloppy. Straight-forward Nirvana-meets-Soul Asylum rock and roll.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Jon Millican stomps through live favorites such as "5530", "Hey Song", and "Beer for My Belly" and they even have a surprise guest appearance by the brothers Kepner from Full Service (Bonesaw and Hoag for those in the know) in the introduction to "War Song."

I'd recommend you go see them live, and take this home as a memento. Since the release of Drink and Destroy they had a band member change on bass, Chris Foster left and a dude I only know as Thack is plucking the 4-string now.

Visit to find out more about Freebleeder and when they are playing next.

-Sean Claes - Insite Magazine (August 2006)

"Review - You Shut the Fuck Up, We'll Rock America"

Freebleeder has been rocking the local scene since 2001. The three-piece band, made up of Jon Millican (vocals, guitar), Jeff “Drunkjeff” Moore (Drums), and Chris Foster (Bass), bills itself as “Austin Texas Drunk Rock” and after listening to You Shut The Fuck Up, We’ll Rock America I have to agree.

The album kicks off strong with “5530” a straight up rock song with an infectious guitar line... reminiscent of another, more famous, three piece band… Nirvana. “The Hey Song” with the dark lyrics and “Are you afraid of me” screams further the comparison. In fact, Millican’s vocals have the tendency to be Cobainesque at times when he reaches the higher screams. This is a good thing.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Warsong” with a sweet bass line and lyrics that come off like raw emotions pouring out. “Stop! Go! Fight! Kill! Maim! Break! Feel! Hate! Wait, don’t kill me.” “Riot” is another kick-ass song on the album. With great lyrics like “What do you mean I can’t smoke inside your bar? What do you mean I can’t drink and drive my car?” and “Everybody get together, everybody get a gun. We’re going to start a riot, everybody run” how could you not rock out with your…um... pointer and pinky out?

The band goes a little soft on the anti-love songs “Your Fault,” “Worthless You,” and “All It Does.” These are decent songs, but I found myself forwarding them to get back to the rockers. The bulk of the 12 songs on the 45 minute long You Shut The Fuck Up, We’ll Rock America are beer drinking rock songs that should be enjoyed while partaking in your favorite frosty barley pop. Their songs could easily become anthems, as after a time o two of hearing them, you too will be screaming along with Millican as he belts out lyrics.

You can catch Freebleeder in November on the 12th at Graffiti’s and on the 18th at Velvet Spade. For more information on the band, check out

-Sean Claes - Insite Magazine (November 2005)


You Shut the Fuck Up, We'll Rock America- 2004
Drink and Destroy- 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Go to the corner store, buy the cheapest beer you can find, shake the Hell out of it, then pop the top. What comes out is Freebleeder, Austin Texas' Drunk Rock Champions. One part punk, one part rock, and one part metal, and three parts drunk. Catchy songs and an energetic live set have begun to provide a buzz throughout the mighty State of Texas. Drink and Destroy.

The group was assembled in January 2001 by vocalist/guitarist, Jon Millican and long time drinking buddy Curtis "DrunkJeff" Moore. After five years of walking tabs in bars all across Texas, the band parted ways with their previous bassist and brought in drinking buddy Michael Thacker. Thack was told he was in the band and within one week he was playing his first two shows on 6th Street. It was a match made in Milwaukee...or Brownwood.

In a market saturated with talent, Freebleeder has established a home in the world famous "Live Music Capital of the World". In November 2004, the band released their first studio album You Shut the Fuck Up, Well Rock America. The cd has received rave reviews from the local press and has sold out twice. Freebleeder released a live CD, "Drink & Destroy" in February 2006. Another studio release is forthcoming in the last half of 2006.