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FREEBONE - Tales About Toads

Saw their picture in Will Sarty's interview, heard the first few bars of their first cut, "Lover Song", and felt "something is going on here".
Freebone is outside, without being abnoxious. They are fringy, yet remarkably refreshing in a western kind of way. "Tales About Toads" illustrates the band is awake and energetic.
And for a live-off-the-floor recording, it's a fine exposé of their style and musicianship. The vocal combinations of Sarty and Barker display a raw energy, which gives an edge to what they produce. And that's entertainment.


for Calgary
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"calgary electric mag( interview)"

WILL SARTY of Freebone

*Tell us a story behind one of your songs*.

I wrote the song secret hands after helping friends of Sarah Barker(Freebone vocalist) move a piano up a flight of stairs into their apartment. Three of us took up the daunting task, and after moving it out of the original house we were all feeling a little run down. Wayne, had two young boys, six and nine, and like all young boys, watching a bunch of out of shape men thrust a piano up a narrow staircase proved to be irresistible. After getting the piano halfway up the stairs Wayne, who was at the top wanted to switch places with Steve who was at the other end pushing with me, so off they went, going the long way around the house as the piano was blocking the main entrance. I don't know if they stopped for tea, or maybe skipped gaily to the corner store for a power aid beverage, but when your holding a five hundred plus pound piano halfway up a steep staircase, time seems to drip along pretty casually. So there I am, face like a tomato, teeth clenched...feeling really weighed down. Until I heard a faint huffing and puffing beside me, I turned my head and there was Waynes six year old boy Anthony, pushing like we were going to thrust that old piano through heaven and beyond...Wayne quickly came and moved the feral super boy out of harms way and we finished our job. That little moment was etched deeply into my the mind of a child has no obstacle to large...Piano! Ill move your stinkin piano! Step aside! I feel if we would have left him to it, he probably would have! So the song is an ode to how wonderful the imagination of a child is.
*What do you listen to when you are at home?*

Well, its always changing, but some constants have been the pixies, Frank Black, always Bobby Dylan. I seem to revisit Erics trip alot...some new stuff has been Broken social Scene and Arcade fire...Siqur ros...Will Oldham...tonnes of stuff...

*Who or what has influenced your writing significantly?"

Band members mostly, I like to surround myself with people who are much more talented than I am...then sucking as much creative inspiration as I can from them.

*What have you learned that you could pass on about songwriting/performing experience?*

I like to freak out...stress out, make a big deal out of anything...never feel as if I'm rehearsed enough. If it was up to me I'd still be practicing in the basement, right now! I've learned thats not really a proactive way to view the art, or yourself...I've learned to chill out.

*What plans or goals do you have for the next year?*

Next year Freebone moves to the UK! Don't worry we'll be back eventually. We'll be doing a small tour of eastern and central Canada in the summer of 2007 before we go...a new CD should be out in late March as well!

*Where can we buy your cd?*

Well, as always at a Freebone show...but you can purchase them online at CD baby.
- Phylis wheaton


Tales About Toads.....Live and Analog!

Birds IN my Belly..... Recorded with Dave Liscombe and Monroe Hunsicker.

"Annabeth" and "Whatever you want" first singles of 2007, showcasing acoustic work.



As Calgary approaches a musical renaissance, gaining more media exposure and pumping out a vast spectrum of great artists from every genre, Freebone departs to build an international presence. 2007 should be an inspiring year for Freebone, armed with only acoustic guitars, tours of Canada and the UK are currently being prepared. Returning home (Sarah-Ottawa, William-Miramichi), are looking forward to performing at some old stomping grounds.

Baptized in late nineties East coast punk, William Earl Sarty was introduced to Sarah Barker after performing a rather ruggedly put together acoustic show at a downtown Calgary coffee house. William was searching for a more mature project, and with Sarah’s orchestral and choral training in Ottawa...they clinked their glasses and began project Freebone.

They put together an upbeat Indie rocker outfit, and began drawing crowds to their rehearsal space even before regular gigging. The passion and energy created was the outcome of Freebones first EP...”Tales About Toads” recorded live off the floor into analog tape. After playing some small shows around Calgary, Freebone changed their lineup and recruited Dave Liscombe and Munroe Hunsicker to freshen up their live sound, a birth of experimentation evolved. A demanding schedule followed, introducing Freebone to Calgary’s growing underground music scene.

Enjoying their under the radar status in Calgary, Expectation to be apart of something larger In the eastern parts of Canada and the UK are desired for its strong cultural connection , but Freebone is proud to have influenced Calgary's artistic development.
Passion of their delivery in performance has created sentimental connection to the audience and venues catered to their musical stylings.