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"Leicester Music Scene Interviews Free Control"

This week I spent some time with Free Control, They are an amazing talent and have got the lot, so have a read and a listen to there music. Peace.

Every now and then you see a band play live and there’s something about them that gives you the most amazing feeling. They make you want to dance, scream, cheer or even cry, but, the emotions are over flowing! Why? because the people you are watching are not just entertaining you they are sharing their own emotions through music. Directly with you and the rest of the audience.
This story is about a band who I feel have got it all; they want to entertain. Not only are they all very talented musicians with amazing songs they also back their act up with some nice visuals, light shows and look just as good!
Free Control have quite a unique sound and are made up of 5 band members. When I first heard them practice I got a feel of a progressive rock type style. Why? I could hear Pink Floyd playing the track they had written. But it soon came clear there was so much more to offer. They have developed a unique style and have obviously been influenced by many different artist’s as well as each other.
They started with Greg, Paul and Oli, and have built up a relationship over 10 years. Between them they have worked on various different project’s (as below).
Paul Cole (drummer) toured with Groove Armada who, for me, have had a huge influence on Paul. His drumming really is something to be heard, his energy is fantastic and helps the band with his own individual style including; breaks, beats and rhythm.
Greg (guitarist) has been involved with many different projects, from writing to film scores. Greg has played alongside DJ’s at clubs as part of a collective, and has performed live all over the country.
Greg gives the band a lovely flavour. His style of guitar playing is smooth, sweet and even a little bit trippy. This really adds to their unique style and sound.
Oli (bassist) has toured, gigged and recorded in many areas of the country, he has worked with many musicians, which really doesn’t surprise me. He puts some amazing bass lines together and has developed a style of his own. It is very clear him and Paul have a special bond. Something bass players and drummers should always have. They really compliment one another.
The guys Met Sally (Vocals/Flute) in 2007 through a collective, Sally then joined the band in Jan 2008. This was new for the guys as most of there stuff before was instrumental and Sally was bringing some wonderful vocals plus the beauties of the flute. Her voice just flows with feeling and passion, and it really does make you want to sit and listen. Sally’s voice has a new and unusual sound and I loved it, her flute also adds a smooth flowing flavour.
This was now taking the band to new places and allowed them to further develop the music they had already created and been working on plus the addition of lots of new material. But there was still something missing.
This is when the band introduced Mike Sole (Key Board) a very talented guy in many ways, his genius with the keyboard finally brought the band to where they are now and gives them an amazing sound and completing the whole.
One of the things that stood out for me with Free Control is that they have a very close bond of friendship, loyalty and understanding and they all compliment each other. They are really enjoying what they are doing and have a lovely working relationship. I sat with the guys during a practice session, cold, and not being able to smoke (bastards!), but just watching them and listening warmed me. They are all about the music and it’s what they love and yes they want to share and entertain people. And this is something they can do. Oh and if any of you want to know about Quantum Physics try the guys they seem to like atoms.
I asked them what was their best experience without actually telling the band how much research I had done. Already knowing some of the experiences they already had, I was kind of expecting lots of different stories. But it was a harmonious thing when they collectively said “Summer Sunday” as a band. They played first on the Sunday morning in front of a hard core crowd who had match sticks still holding there eye lids open from the night before, or who had just rolled out of bed. They loved the stage and performed and set a tone for the rest of the day. I really did want to spend more time with the band and would have loved to get to know them all a little better. My opinion; genuine. honest, and all have character.
The first track balloon started as an instrumental and has been developed over the years with Sally adding vocals and Mike keyboards. For me its like a flow of upbeat ambient, very chilled but with an energy coming from it that makes you come alive. please follow link:
Witness is also one of my favourite tracks. I love the way the keyboards and the lead mix together with a nice breakie drum beat and the bass line to back it up. I think Gregg and Sally's vocals really compliment each other.
Witness is on the same link as above.
Please drop a comment let us know what you think of Free Control's Music.
But please also check there Myspace for more of there music:
They are currently gigging lots and working on an album, and I would highly recommend you check them out. They have 2 gig’s coming up 1 at the golden fleece in Nottingham on the 10th Dec, and the other here in Leicester at Pi Bar on the 19th Dec. They are also in the motions of producing an album which personally I can’t wait to hear.
Tomorrow I will post a couple of videos of band. so you can see how they perform.
The guys are also managed by Hx2 Productions Ltd, contactable at 83 Lutterworth Rd Aylestone, Leicester, email:
I would like to take this time now and thank all they guys, also Tony who does the visuals, Craig and James from Hx2 productions who Manage the band and who helped make this interview possible. It was a pleasure all, thank you. Really I hope to get a chance to talk more with you all.
Written by Mike Harper - Leicester Music Scene


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Influenced by a diverse breadth of styles, Free Control brings together five determined musicians with the intention of making music that they want to listen to. Their aim is to make music that inspires them personally, and to create an amazing live experience for their audience.

Explosive sounds, fluid melodies and intricate style come together to create a unique and powerful sound built of meditative passages and heavier rocking rhythms.
Free Control began with Greg, Paul and Oli. They have played and gigged together as a unit in various incarnations for the past 10 years and have built an intense musical relationship.

Paul, on drums and percussion has toured internationally; 2005-07 as part of Groove Armada and has recorded as a session musician for Bent; Aerials 2005, Paul has also been resident percussionist at Planet of the Breaks and KuKui Club, Oxford.

Greg has written, recorded and performed many tracks for a variety of projects including live bands, film scores and session work. He has played improvised guitar at many club gigs with both DJ's and as part of collectives, and has performed original material all over the UK.

Greg, Oli and Paul as Free Control scored the music for the independent film 'Nightbird' (Montreal Film Festival 2005).

In 2007 they met Sally Hossack through the UFK improvisational collective. Sally joined Free Control in January 2008 and together they quickly wrote a set of material and haven’t stopped since. Sally has played solo singer/songwriter on the Midland’s scene for some time and has gigged nationally as part of Phonek.

Mike Sole has completed the circle, founder of UFK and numerous Jazz/soul nights; Mike has gigged profusely in Leicester, solo and as part of various styles of musical collective.

Free Control prefer to play where they can really make an impact, visually assisted by The Lab. Custom loops and VJ'ing from Tony Coleman’s visual interpretation of the sound, gives the band an awesome and emotional live edge. Tony has provided live visual mixing for ‘Drop Beats Not Bombs’ events, demonstrated visual mixing equipment for Edirol, as well as producing music video artwork for UK female DJ: Lisa Lashes.

In 2009 Free Control performed on the 2nd stage at Leicester’s major music festival, Summer Sundae, as well as the local ‘Glastonbudget’ festival.