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Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | INDIE

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand | INDIE
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"Mixtape Sessions plug"

"A seriously good team of excellent professional musicians. If you haven't discovered FreeDay need to discover them it" - FaceBook

"The Library Bar Gig"

"...we were blessed to have you play for us last night ! thank you so much ..." - Printable Reality - Gus

"Welcome To The FreeDay album review"

This week I have had the pleasure of reviewing FreeDay’s debut, ‘Welcome to the FreeDay.’ FreeDay is the brainchild of the talented husband and wife team Glen and Alex Donaghy and their backing band. Bright and refreshing in these dark times, this record ticks all the boxes. Within these twelve songs you will find bright atmospheres, heart-felt lyrics, catchy choruses and layers of emotion... -

"First album a guiding light"

Timeless classical, endlessly beautiful, the journey of our dreams ...

Pakuranga resident Glen Donaghy penned this opening line of FreeDay's first full-length album in tribute to his wife Alex.

But life wasn't always so rosy.

The singing and song writing couple co-created the collection of 12 songs with band members Kevin Latimer, John Te Kiri, Daniel Noble and Daniel Lee.

Their promoter claims it "hints at their past struggles while serving as a guiding light for others going through hard times".

"It wasn't a simple start to our lives," Glen says.

"It's amazing how we turned out to be honest. Life just was a struggle and thank goodness our kids aren't brought up in that."

Alex says they come from opposite yet similar backgrounds.

"Glen came from quite a poor background with a lot of abuse and I came from quite a wealthy family but total rejection – I raised myself from the age of 13."

Glen was kicked out of home at 14. Then what?

"Oh, lived on the streets, before my brother felt sorry for me and let me sleep in the garage. I had $4 in my pocket. That's the past but I'm glad for it. I'm glad it wasn't handed to me on a platter."

They moved north from Nelson eight years ago after meeting and falling for each other as teenagers.

Now they have two young girls, Mrs Donaghy holds down a "high-end corporate sales job" and they own a boutique clothing business in Panmure while turning out original easy-rock tunes with more albums on the horizon.

Welcome to the FreeDay was released on Monday.

There's a strong Christian theme to it.

The coverbook centre spread blurb reads: "He lives in us and we live in him – to Christ, thank you. To Bishop Brian and Hannah Tamaki for always inspiring us to be excellent."

But they don't want to be defined as Christian artists.

"We like to keep that separate because people tend to put walls up," Mr Donaghy says.

"Music is a universal language and we never wanted to limit ourselves.

"We want our music to go to whoever wants to listen to it without putting it in a box."

Welcome to the FreeDay is available from record stores and online.

- Eastern Courier

"18 June 2011: Freeday"

This week on homegrown we talk to Freeday about their debut album “Welcome to the FreeDay” which is coming out soon. FreeDay is made up of some of the most talented musicians in Aoteroa, first to see the light, Glen and Alexandra have been writing, producing and performing music for over 15 years and have been influenced by all genres of music. Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown, Saturdays Nights at 6 on New Zealand’s Rhema. - Rhema

"Freeday: Welcome to the FreeDay"

Freeday: Welcome to the FreeDay
By Casper Jensen
This is an expertly presented and performed CD from M4U Records, with an emphasis on radio playability, songcraft and professional production values. Produced in Auckland’s Amgar studio during 2009, the album features Glen Donaghy’s gritty, tuneful pop vocals, and comes with a complimentary DVD featuring a video clip for opening track Meant To Be. Because Of You, another strong track from the album is an inspirational love song of sorts, replete with lush adult-contemporary keyboard beds and dreamy, Bryan Ferry-esque guitar fills. Over the disc’s entirety it seems the monosyllabic and overly direct lyrics aren’t as strong as the performance and production ambience. Also, the adult pop approach is predictable in places and would have benefited from a few leftfield production ideas or a bit of unexpected noise. Otherwise a listener- (and radio-) friendly disc that’s tasteful, earnest, slick and well sung.
- NZ Musician

"FreeDay to Release Debut Album Welcome To The FreeDay on June 20"

Drawing on their diverse backgrounds, personal values and love for each other, High School sweethearts Alex and Glenn Donaghy of FreeDay wear their scars on their sleeves with their debut album ‘Welcome to the FreeDay’, set for release on 20 June via Pure Entertainment.

First crossing paths at just 17, the now-married, singer/song writing couple have created a deeply personal album which hints at their past struggles while serving as a guiding light for others going through hard times.

Glen’s husky vocals exude a theatrical quality that moves from dreamlike pathos one minute to driving emotion the next. Team that with his deft song writing and you have an album of unexpected but satisfying twists and turns, moving ballads and soul stirring pop songs.

Glen says because both he and Alex have overcome many struggles they’re now driven to look to the future and encourage people to take a positive message away from the album.

“We want listeners to feel that life is for them not against them,” says Glen. “Our songs have tools on how to overcome. The lyrics are crafted into our songs for a reason. We’ve taken our real life experiences and put it into our music so we can share it with others.”

‘Welcome to the FreeDay’ is available from all good record stores and online from Monday June 20. For more information about the band, check out their website:



20 September 2011 In The Stars - Digital Single
(M4U Records/DRM)

20 June 2011 Welcome to The FreeDay - Album
(M4U Records/DRM/Pure Entertainment)

18 March 2011 Meant To Be - Single
(M4U Records)

18 March 2011 FreeDay EP
Meant To Be
Choose To Believe
So Much More
(M4U Records)




MANAGEMENT: Maria Puni, M4U Records,

Glen Donaghy - Guitar and vocals
Alex Donaghy - vocals
Daniel Noble - keyboard, guitar
Kevin Latimer - lead guitar
Daniel Lee - bass
John Te Kiri - drums

GENRE: Pop Rock

ETHNICITY: Maori (Tainui), Irish, English

RESIDENCE: Currently Auckland Based.

LEGALS: Signed publishing contract with M4U Records in September 2009

BACKGROUND: FreeDay was initiated by husband and wife duo Glen and Alex, and later joined by four of their close friends.

Alex and Glen Donaghy fell in love as teenagers and married, before now pursuing their dream of a career in music. While it may sound like a soppy love story it’s far from it. As teenagers both were estranged from their parents. “Life was a struggle”. From that deep, inner place comes their original rock pop music that “hints at those past struggles while serving as a guiding light for others going through hard times”.

FreeDay signed with M4U Records, an Indie label, in 2009 and started work on creating their debut album. An EP of the first 3 tracks from the album was released with the single “Meant To Be” on 18 March 2011.

“Welcome To The FreeDay” was released on 20 June 2011 followed by the second single “In The Stars” on the 20 September 2011.

“Meant To Be” received regular airplay on Rhema and Life FM and FreeDay featured on Homegrown, and Peter Shaw’s “Talk at 10” as well as on Rhemathon. The music DVD was screened on Juice TV.

FreeDay write all their own lyrics and music. Their influences include Dave Dobbyn, The Feelers, Opshop, Prince, Crowded House, Muse, Live and Natasha Bedingfield.

Performances: Include Nga Puhi Festival on 9 April 201, Insight Showcase 2010 and M4U Live 2011