Hyde Park, Massachusetts, USA
SoloHip Hop

I make music to heal the soul.

I write conscious hip hop. I tell stories through my music which I believe is my universal gift. I write music to uplift. I believe that we can change the world through unity and I write about important issues with a passionate and positive angle.


I have been a resident of Boston my entire life. I grew up in the hood and am living example of the struggles of the people in low-income minority communities. I use my experiences as inspiration when writing music and offer a sense of hope. I believe people from these areas have an enormous amount of untapped potential and I want to prove that positive things can come from rough past.

I use my music primarily as a vehicle of healing. I recently lost my mom, who was the only 'family' I had. Though I believe we are all one, it has been a difficult challenge learning to live without her. I aspire to make it big to make my mom proud.


I am currently in the process of making my second album that will be released October 27, 2013.

My single so far that has gotten local airplay is "It's So Cold"