Freedom Haters

Freedom Haters


Electric violin, saxophone, cello, viola, bass and drums, shared vocals and electronics. The music ranges from concise noise-spiked chamber punk to intricate jazzed-out pop rock, rooted in the traditions of iconoclasts like Igor Stravinsky, Frank Zappa, and Led Zeppelin.


Freedom Haters played CBGB three days before the hallowed, dingy venue closed for good. Since then, they've expanded from a trio to an alternating sex- and sept-et. When the full string quartet is plugged in and humming, and the saxophone is buzzing along the top, it's a hard rock sound rather unlike any other.

ISAIAH SINGER was the original guitarist for Psychic TV 3 with Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Thee Majesty), and also plays guitar with Bryin Dall (Thee Majesty, Loretta's Doll) in The Fourth Sign. As guitarist, vocalist and/or bassist in a string of bands including Dream Into Dust, Eli and The Indoor Boys, and his own The Seventh Word, Singer has played and recorded extensively in reeking venues from Siberia to Berlin.

SEAN HAGERTY completed a degree in music composition and arrived in New York with a trunkload of genre-bending ideas, incorporating electric violin and laptop electronics to create an expansive palette of sound that seamlessly integrates his classical grounding with the far limits of digital sonic manipulation. Since his arrival on the scene, Hagerty has played with a number of established New York artists including Michael Cerveris and Duncan Sheik, at venues including the Bowery Ballroom and Sin-e, as well as providing arrangements for the Broadway cast of Sweeney Todd.

PATRICK SOLURI is an award-winning composer specializing in dramatic orchestral music for ballet, opera and film. His work has been performed by numerous groups including the New York City Opera and Dances Patrelle, and reviewed in publications including the New York Times, the NY Daily News and Back Stage. After a 10 year hiatus from the drums, his work with Freedom Haters marks his return to respectability.

ANTHONY CEKAY, an accomplished tenor and soprano sax player who has played with numerous combos in New York and his native Chicago, recently completed his M.A. at City College in Manhattan. His unmistakable solos and horn arrangements have drop-kicked the Haters into another stratosphere of bizarre credibility.

BEN MAGNUSON returns from his tour as Anthony in _Sweeney Todd_, a role he first played in the recent Broadway revival of Sondheim's masterpiece (starring Patti LuPone and Michael Cerveris). He's relieved to not have to act while playing his instrument anymore.

CALEIGH DRANE plays with numerous orchestras in and around Brooklyn and NYC. Her anti-classical-upbringing fervor has meanwhile fueled her corresponding descent into the seamy world of Brooklyn rock and roll.

MELINDA HIRSCH is one of New York's most sought after session players, and has played behind the likes of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Street cred, anyone?


Just Go

Written By: Isaiah Singer

Money drains from my veins at a dollar a minute, and I'm straight down in it again. And I don't know if she loves me, but I sure like the way she pretends. And neither one of us thinks that there's anything left to defend.

What I need I can't tell, but if I land on my feet, then I guess I'll say I'm doing well.
What she said wasn't clear, but if she's gonna leave, then I guess that I'm gonna stay here. And I know what I'm feeling is only concealing my fear.

Everyday it's something different; but my reaction is the same: extreme emotional indifference to anything that tries to make me change.

In your blood, you must know: when it's time to forget, you can never regret, you just open your arms and take all you can get and just go. Just go.


Written By: Isaiah Singer

Maybe pain is what we need: monkey see, monkey bleed.
And when the past is washed away, nothing's left, and who can say what you meant to me?

But it's easy to place the blame: reach inside, pick a name.
But when the words have left your mouth (and knowledge is replaced by doubt), well, none of us is free.

In a moment, it will end, when everything you dream begins again.
And I want you
To remind yourself of how it might have been,
As you find yourself in an endless sea of enemies and friends.

When we've both finally got it made, and the pain itself's decayed, we'll throw the dirt onto the grave, and then we'll slowly walk away, and never say goodbye.

That's No Way To Say "I Love You"

Written By: Isaiah Singer

Here comes the look that's like a hammer to my nail: another second, and my nerves are gonna fail.
We both were weak: I acted hurt, you acted cruel.
And that's no way to say "I love you"

But that's the price of solitude.
I should be fine, with all the interest I've accrued.
Now here's a kiss, so go get paid, and neither one of us should have to feel betrayed.
I know it's done, I know there's nothing else to do.
And that's no way to say "I love you"


Written By: Sean Hagerty

Don't lose yourself
Don't forget to breathe
With kind consciousness
And the simple will to see

Letting go those guarded yearnings
Erasing the day-circles below
So here's my hand
Let's fly above the bridges together

The trails of red and white
Caught to the next, caught in a line
Dripping between boroughs, trails of light
Each an unwritten promise of our common lives

So, let's fly

Set aside all your loneliness
Your hapless motes and guarded walls
Let's not become, just shadows of ourselves
Faintly tracing 'round the traps that catch us all

Above it all, above it all
Above it all, above it all

So let this kiss be proof somehow
So let this kiss be proof somehow


Above it all, above it all
Above it all, above it all

So let this kiss be proof somehow
So let this kiss be proof somehow

That kinder strangers wait


(new album in production) (2008)
The New Deal E.P. (2007)

Set List

Freedom Haters typically plays 30-90 minute sets.

Electro-intro (Soluri)
That's No Way To Say I Love You (Singer)
Opus#2 (instrumental) (Hagerty)
Monkey (Singer)
Bogota (instrumental) (Hagerty)
Days Are Long (Singer)
Island of Nudity (FH/Cekay)
Just Go (Singer)
Tolerance (Freedom Haters/Singer)
Screenwriter's Blues (Soul Coughing)
I'm Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie)
Raspberry Beret (Prince)