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chaotic mine records

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Our newest release "Freedom of Speech" is a powerful cd, packed with artists from Grand Rapids, Mi and dark political tones that shadow the entire cd. Already catching the attention of local news papers and news stations "freedom of Speech" has a very promising release.


Chaotic Mine Records was formed by all hip hop artists in early 2008, and connected with anno domini beats for a joint venture, "Freedom of Speech." Founder of the label IllKontent is a veteren to the west michigan hip hop scene doing shows with the likes of cypress hill, esham, and more, and with his self made record sales surpassing many in his genre, he decided to start a label. Bringing together artists from many different styles of hip hop this project was their way to get this countries attention.


Freedom of Speech lp 2008

Set List

we can do a 20 minute set or line up a whole show, depending on the venue and what artists are available for what(seeing how theres 17 artists on our newest release), illkontent the founder of chaotic mine records can always do a 30 min set no matter the conditions with songs from this project and his solo project.