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"Archival Article-Sole US Peace Representative at UN"

Sole U.S. Peace Representative Brad Stanfield, Performs at United Nations Geneva, Switzerland Peace Convention on August 6th, 1999.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- "Just because there's not a Vietnam, people think we don't need to take up the cry for peace," says modern rocker Brad Stanfield - looking like Sergeant Pepper meets Austin Powers. Brad is the real thing, leaving 60s wannabe, Lenny Kravitz, in the dust. With the bright purples, oranges, blues and greens of his psychedelic clothes and Stratocaster guitar perfectly accenting his strawberry blond curls, the entire visual image he brings to his musical shows is a reminder of the era that strove to bring ultimate peace to our planet.

The recent deadly skirmishes in Kosovo have been but one example that keeps Stanfield writing, recording, and singing his songs of hope -- rather than despair -- to the masses. Referred to as "The Musical Prince of Peace," Brad began his journey towards universal peace when he founded his band, Magic Love Fountain. "I wanted to create something that suggested positive force, rather than the usual dark angst of many modern rock bands."

Before Magic Love Fountain, Brad cut his teeth playing for music legends such as Dave Mason (Traffic). With Magic Love Fountain, he released his debut CD to some serious National radio support for the single, "Who Do You Think You Are?" (Also featured in the upcoming fall film "Fear 2 - Halloween Night" from Devin Entertainment).

"I've moved into a whole new realm of songwriting," explains Brad, an Orange County native, now relocated to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, CA. "One thing is that I believe we should bring the people to where the food is, instead of sending a bunch of food to rot on the docks. People have historically migrated to where food was more readily available during times of drought or famine."

The ultimate honor of course, has been the special invitation Brad received to play for peace at The Geneva Peace Conference. Two songs, "Send Peace Around the World" and "Revelations 23," cemented the peace gig.

With live shows, and a new CD planned -- peace minstrel Brad Stanfield, like Gandhi and John Lennon before him, is asking us to once again, "Give Peace a Chance."

- PR Newswire

"Freedom People Offer Engaging Musical Variety"

Sunday, March 23, 2008
Freedom People: "New (R)Evolution"
It's a damn shame that there really hasn't been a powerful musical protest movement against the Iraq war. Ever since the Dixie Chicks were vilified for daring to challenge the Bush administration, other modern recording artists seem to be afraid to get overly political. While important artists like Steve Earle have dared to speak out against the war, the vast majority have decided that it's best to avoid controversy.

Freedom People are Brad Stanfield & Periel Marr, who apply their vocal and instrumental skills upon the ten tracks on their album New (R)Evolution. Musically, the album assembles guitars, percussion, and Stanfield's and Marr's vocals into a crisply recorded folk-rock style that will sound familiar to fans of John Mellencamp or, to go back a few years, the Mama's and the Papas.

The lead-off track, "New (R)Evolution" is the most overt call for the end of the Bush Doctrine and an end to the war. Stanfield and Marr plead for a "sit in on the White House lawn," to an accompaniment of vibrato-charged guitars. Stanfield's guitar chops are solid, as he uses a wah-wah to great effect in the hard-charging "People Let's Stop the War." The duo shows off a funky side with Marr on lead vocals in "Say Love," then enters Stevie Nicks territory with the mid-tempo number "Be Here Now."

New (R)Evolution offers a good bit of varitety. The duo's voices are engaging and effectively compliment each other ("Hologram"), they know how to rock ("The Earth is My Church"), and Stanfield demonstrates his guitar chops ("Free").

The modern rock audience may find the Freedom People to be overly nostalgic, with their message of peace and love. But Stanfield and Marr are sincere in their beliefs, even if sometimes the album hearkens back to a time when people were actively engaged in demonstrating their disdain for the politics of the time.
- Cornell


Songs from Freedom People's current CD on the Indie Label, Eutopian Records, New (R)evolution have been featured on KPFK and KPFA Pacifica Radio as well as on numerous podcasts including The Peacepod Podcast which has over 250,000 subscribers.



In the spirit of such musical peace seekers as John Lennon & Yoko Ono and with a commitment to helping make the world a better place, Brad and Periel bring the message of peace and love through their music.

At first glance, some might be quick to categorize the duo as a throwback to the 60s, but while there are undeniably retro elements to the music, there is also a modern twist that forges a musical bridge between generations.

Freedom Peoples' music has a danceable, upbeat party vibe, while song subjects and lyrics go beyond the standard party rock fare and into the socio-political and psycho-spiritual realm of universal love and higher consciousness for a rock and roll trip "down the rabbit hole" with titles like Live in Peace, Karma and Be Here Now.

The duo's live show is electrifying and has a theatrical flare with Periel unleashing her commanding stage presence and features Brad's virtuoso "balls to the wall" guitar jamming while colorful psychedelic screen projections round out a full sensory overload experience. With all the sound but so much less baggage than a traditional band, Freedom people have found a unique way of delivering a full rock show. Brad is one of the few men who can not only get away with playing with himself in public but get applause for doing it! Let us explain: Since Brad is a multi-instrumentalist, he is a virtual one man band on stage. He jams on guitar to studio tracks on which he plays bass, drums and keyboard. There is still plenty of room for improvisation and spontaneity.

For bookers who prefer a full live band on stage, Brad & Periel have a roster of talented sidemen and women at their disposal. Just request it!

Freedom People have performed at various indoor venues, numerous eco festivals and peace concerts in North America where many audiences have been in excess of 10,000. "We are looking forward to traveling the globe to spread messages of peace, love and freedom in a fun way through our music, reaching an even wider audience, Brad explains.