Freedom Summers

Freedom Summers


Freedom Summers Music is based in the enviro roots culture. Gentle rocking, Dub Reggae, Jazzy grooves, Soulful Folk and Country Roots are the flavours Freedom creates on her hand painted clasical guitar. Conscious, spiritual and earthy lyrics are delivered by her soul centred voice.


Deep roots. Singing truth loud and clear, deep into the oneness of we, we who are faceing these times of now.

This is spiritual, this is about the earth, this is about life. One womans feelings and her guitar in reggae dub style or soul folk telling her stories. Simple, beautiful, and powerful.

You will find something of your soul in this music.

FReedom has spent 7 years in the Northern Territoy developing her music, now it's time to share it. Originally from Sydney, freedom has walked many paths but always on the journey of learning.

Her style is gentle rocking with deep groove. Her voice is a little husky and is centred in her womanhood.

'Living with a guitar since my mid teens, music became more of a focus when living in London. Untill then I was focused on making Fine Art.
The 'Lion Studio' in Brixton, London, was the first recording studio I ever entered.
I was doing some backing vocals for a friends reggae album. I had been travelling for 2 years 95/96, from my home in Sydney, Australia and found myself squatting in Brixton. Here I was greatly inspired by the reggae culture.
On my return to Oz, I went to protest against a urainium mine in the Kakadu national park, in the tropical Northern Territory. I was arrested and had to return for a court hearing 8 months later. I chose to stay in Darwin in the N.T. and since then continued to developed my music and my art.
I studied 3 years @ the Charles Darwin University, completing Cert 3 in Contemporary music, followed by the Diploma of music industry and technology (recording).
I now gig regulary in venues around Darwin, involved with community arts. Support the local Aboriginal land rights and human rights and promote sustainable living.
I perform in Festivals in the N.T. and on the east coast of Aust.
Supported 'Zavier Rudd' at the Darwin Festival 04.
I'm regulary interviewed and receive air play on local and national community radio.
I also travel to remote Aboriginal communities doing art workshops with the children and putting on concerts where I play with the local indiginous musicians.'


Soulfolk, Mostly solo accoustic album. Self recorded and mixed@contemporary music studio Darwin using Protools. Some reason was used.

Freedom Country;
Country roots, Soulfolk. Self recorded and mixed @contemporary music studio Darwin using Protools.
Toby Robinson slide guit, banjo. Jimmi Bonne lead guit. JK Bass. Phillip Eation Bass. BBs The Duanes.
Freedom voc /guit.

Band, Dub Reggae, Mostly live recordings from live broadcast on Radio Larrakeha. Self recorded and mixed @contemporary music studio Darwin using Protools.

Freedom Summers and Band,
Live @Star Shell, Darwin Festival, 05.
Freedom voc/guit, Ali De Groote voc/guit, Jk Bass, Jimmi Bonne lead guit, Ken Harvey horns /flute, Lukas Bendil drums .

Solo Dub Consciousness

Compellation CDs
Don't dig it.
Longgrass Live
Backyard, Greens CD
Tune Tank NXNE/2ndCd/#15

Set List

1-4 sets, 45min
Original music/ singer/songwriter/reggae
Some covers.