Free Energy

Free Energy

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"Perfect mood music for a night that looses itself in the afterglow of the inevitable busting of the moontower kegger, leaving everyone a little high, a little bored, and completely enraptured with the endless possibility of youth." - pitchfork


Free Energy doesn’t want to stare at their feet. They want to look you in the eye. They’re not interested in being trendy. They are interested in being timeless. They are not interested in anger. They are interested in positivity. Put simply, the band is simply about good old-fashioned fun, with writing great songs, making great records, and putting on shows that put on a smile on your face.

The band was started by childhood friends Paul Sprangers and Scott Wells, who grew up together in rural Minnesota. Previous to Free Energy, they spent time together in cult Minneapolis outfit Hockey Night, who put out a well received record on lookout just right before they folded. Known for the manic energy of their live shows, Hockey Night burned bright and burned fast, and when it was over Paul and Scott went back to Minneapolis to regroup and write some new songs.

These demos eventually found their way to dfa Records, the seminal NYC indie started by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, his production partner Tim Goldsworthy (who had been the invisible hand at seminal indie Mo Wax) and a young NY kid named Jon Galkin. The songs were not the typical fare the label had been releasing, but the quality of the music spoke to the inner rock fan in all the parties at the label.

Shortly after signing to the label, they decamped to New York and set up shop at dfa’s Plantain Studios, with James Murphy at the production helm, and started work on “Stuck on Nothin’,” their debut album (due to be released in early 2010 on dfa/Astralwerks/Virgin). The goal was to make a record that stood up to the great records they had in their crates at home.

Along the way, they moved to Philly and hooked up with guitarist Geoff Bucknum, drummer Nick Shuminsky, and bassist Evan Wellls, and the fully-formed Free energy was born. We hope they make you smile too.


2009 - Stuck on Nothin'

Set List

free energy
light love
dark trance
all i know
dream city
bang pop
hope child
bad stuff
something in common