Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

FreeFlow has its roots in many genres with elements of reggae, soul and rock in every song, and at the same time creates something that’s wholly original.


Who is Freeflow? For anyone who's seen the band perform, the answer is simple: they're an energetic band that brings people out of their seats with a compelling combination of songs with great hooks and vocal harmonies.
A much greater challenge, however, is describing Freeflow's sound, which features everything from Soul and funk to reggae and rock. They have often been compared to bands like Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, yet have nurtured a sound distinctively their own. "We have five members in the band with very different musical tastes but lots of common ground," said lead singer Jason Evans. "What we try to do is combine the music that feels the best to us. We can't help but fuse elements."

Since founding members Jason Evans (vocals), Reece Worth (guitar), Wilson Padmos (keys), Ryan Davis (drums), and Simon Davies (bass) came together in 2001, the band's music has evolved – something that is more than obvious to anyone who has seen the band live or listened to Freeflow's two well-received full length CD's.
The dynamic of the band has since blossomed and has encouraged Freeflow to push it’s sound and live performance to new and exciting levels.
Although FreeFlow has been together for almost 10 years, and has played great Festivals and venues with world-class luminaries , the band looks to the future with even greater expectations.


Night and Day (EP)- 2007
FreeFlow(Self-titled)- 2005
Barfly Sessions- 2001

Set List

FreeFlow plays all original high energy music. Sets range from half hour showcases to a full 3 set night or anything in between.