Free Food

Free Food

 Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopSoul

Featuring a live band from all across Cali, fresh on the scene Free Food sparks a fire that burns deep in your soul. Blending shifting time signatures with pocket hooks, the LA-based group reinvents classic hip hop tones while exploring the boundaries of soul music.


Comprised of 8 members, 2 MC/Producers that double on guitar(Karat and Wally Melon) and a live band with a full horn section (Purple Drank, Colonel Mustard, Rib Eye, Sugas and Fats, Keys Lime Pie, and Black Forrest H.A.M), the group works as a unit to maintain a level of sophistication and fun in hip hop. Being apart of a live hip hop group puts Free Food in a position to where they can cater to any audience. The Free Food EP is a perfect example of blending genres to create one cohesive product that anyone can enjoy. Next on the plate is to get to work on the full length LP, due in spring 2012.


Free Food EP 2011
Free Food Mixtape 2012
Free Food LP 2012