Free Henry!

Free Henry!

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Free Henry! = HEARTFELT VOCAL PROWESS backed by ELECTRIC PYROTECHNICS & DIRECTING DRIVING RHYTHM"S create a delicate, but powerful echo; teeming with life. Free Henry!'s infectious and penetrating music fused with their profound lyrics craft an awe-inspiring sound that is felt by all.


Free Henry!: a free-flowing rock n' roll jam-band that captures the spirit of pioneering and evocative jazz rhythms and melds it with their descriptive lyrics that catapults their listener into a unique experience. Within the past year this Buffalo, NY band has expanded from the Western New York music scene by playing the areas most famous outdoor music festivals and venues. They were recently named “Best Original Rock Act” by the 2009 Buffalo Music Awards and “Best Rock Act,” “Best Original Music Act,” “Best Band Name,” and “Best Male Vocalist” by the 2010 Artvoice Best Of Buffalo Music Awards.

Free Henry!'s sincere musicality and organic growth comes from the interplay of four very diverse and vibrant members. Bob Buckley is the voice and undercurrent of the group. Buckley’s heartfelt vocal prowess is backed by the electric pyrotechnics of guitarist Alex Foote. Bassist Derek Presti and drummer Pat Mannella provide the directing and driving rhythm that interlock this eclectic group together. Free Henry!'s infectious and penetrating music fused with Buckley's profound lyrics craft an awe-inspiring sound that is felt by all.

“The great thing about Free Henry! is that once it draw crowds into a show, the band is capable of keeping those fans hooked with an eclectic mix of commercial songs performed by four super talented musicians.” –Josh Maloni of

Together, Free Henry! creates a delicate, but powerful echo; teeming with life. This regionally touring jazz-influenced, jam-heavy pop/rock hybrid comes armed with intelligence, insight, inspiration, and the desire to shake up the status quo with a sound that is unmistakably their own.

"Our goal is to build a career and identity for Free Henry! versus becoming a quick out-of-the-box hit single artist. We strive to connect with our fans on all levels and will continue to mature throughout our career path."-Bob Buckley

Since 2009, Free Henry! has shared their energetic and charismatic shows with a variety of “rock’s finest” recording artists such as; Blues Traveler, Foreigner, The Guess Who, Soulive, Rusted Root, Blind Melon, Badfinger, Better Than Ezra, We The Kings, Lou Gramm, and Rik Emmett from Triumph.

With their follow-up record to debut album “Summers On Neptune,” in the works, Free Henry!’s cultured progressive talent is an innovative definition for a new era in rock music today.

"Influence & Accent Your Senses" and embark on the mystical journey that is Free Henry!.



Written By: Bob Buckley

Sometimes, everybody's getting in my mind oh lord, i cant break through this time sometimes, there can be no reason or rhyme
for the things that i cant rewind

When smoke, it moves, oh its so lady-like to bring a man right out of his head just like the devil in us all its the way that people fall away
its just like coffee in that coffee has a way to lift your day
tonight its gunna be alright,
cause smoke is gunna lead the way, unto the left momma

why you treat me like i never said i did it? misconception, man, bleeding from your heart why you treat me like i never said i didn't
smoke man, why you pulling us apart?

When you're there you know,
you gotta swim towards the waterline, scrape for the waterline
swing on a vine to the canopy,
it cannot be these senses around
red and vibrant green with a feather in between she gave me the green, then she took it away she gave me the green, and then she took it from you know its right

After the quiet visitor is done having its fun, once again it leaves you breathless in a better place in time
so perfect you may not believe
there's a reason for feeling and a reason for love and all the other places in a riot of sound are swallowed by your shadows cast on the ground


Written By: Bob Buckley

Undeniable love song coming back to prove you wrong

Red light, hard to remember
the moon-blue skies, full of fireflies
and sailboat senses are floating slow
i've got a front row ticket to mother natures show the sunset and sunrise in your eyes manipulize, and realign
so soon decide where you're going to go

spirits are so high, and we're walking through the next day we're searching for a brighter way to get a little bit more sunshine and all of these good people have an open invitation to this happy conversation.

There's a green light,
in the early morning
the days have come,
the worlds rises with the sun
and objects in the mirror are closer than they appear to be, down in reality

and the ice will fall away with the temperature rise


Written By: Bob Buckley

Your momma said she knows whats best for you if you had one, you know its true as a bird takes flight in another frame of mind,
at the end you'll find...

A long time ago,
Mohammed said to his first born son,
"Don't you know this book is the way to a life of our sacred tradition?"
he looked up into his fathers eyes
a grown man about to cry
mohammed begged him to conform
as a fire burned from deep inside
the boy claimed that he was torn
mohammed shook his fist in rage
and screamed "why were you born!"

And i felt the weight of the thunder in its head holding a piece of a moment less traveled street-right and pompous are many instead wondering how seven wonders can take you and shake up your head
momma really does know best

He was a man of a family,
he had three daughters of exterior comfort you can feed their mouths with one nights fare they'll put you up at the Cataract House Hotel General Parkhurst Whitney has this story to tell...our indian brethren first summoned the spirits here they called the mighty thunderer it dwells in the Mist-er Water rush and Overturn

Giving praise to the great He-No
you gotta raise him up
taken by He-No he's gunna sing my soul and you know im gunna tell you something that's worth your time
you never know love because it all comes back in the end.


Written By: Bob Buckley

I've been feeling kinda low
since the day she went away
and I am convinced that this pain was here to stay
she provided like a good woman does
now its all for the buzz

Now I'm trying to pass my time
getting aquainted with the bottom of this bottle
sometimes friends don't fill the gap
cause they don't look, or smell, like a supermodel
she provided like a good woman does
now its all for the buzz

Now my baby, she's back in town
conversation is better than ever
i've been feeling so complete
now that me and my baby are back together
she provided like a good woman does
now its all for the buzz


Written By: Bob Buckley

Beware Of the dog
he hasn't been known to bite but he may if he's alarmed
beware of the king, calling out to his people on the wing
so we go through the relative jungle
so slowly they came, converging into me
caress the lips what is this?
caress the lips what is this?
you came undone
someone had told you, true enough, you'd like to be around
you and your choice

Don't hold me down

You've gotta stop the master in commander
with your seersucker lies
the servant in the master
the ultimate disguise
someone will say you're carried away if you spit in the face of the system
enslaved by their ways and their manipulative phrases

We came to move on
momma-la-oo look at you
your curvy waist gives a taste to my imagination
lock and load you're seductive too your toes
like a cool breeze,
swaying to me like a palm tree
you wire my fire like money
you wrap me up in your soul like a mummy
she came, you know she came

You've gotta stop the master in commander
with your seersucker lies
the servant in the master
the ultimate disguise
someone will say you're carried away if you spit in the face of the system
its easy to see through the ones that cannot bring you freedom

the style of tonight
feeling for levels unknown
the lunatic was right
up until the morning when you try to set the tone
but beware of the dog
or you'll be enslaved by their ways and their manipulative phrases


Written By: Bob Buckley

Dim the lights and sound
and break away from the things you know
bury them under ground
one hundred feet below

The current has swept away the hopes and dreams of many
It probably won't go your way without a fortunate penny
you learn more on the inside than you ever could outside
so before its too late let me demonstrate all the ways to get around...

this loss of time
river of wine
this loss of time
this loss of time
river of wine

As i ran across the bridge from fantasy to reality,
and a cold wind blows my way
you gotta light the fire, breathe desire
and understand, for me, its not as easy as it seems

your life comes caving in around you
when you came around the bend it looked so good
like a sweet elixir that shapes your life
your life comes caving in
love and time will replace the wine of love


Written By: Bob Buckley

So free your mind and give me all you can
tell me how long, tell me im wrong
life is too short to waste it all by tasting the things up in your head cause soon we'll all be dead.
To live a life of excess means no rest
go big or you gotta go home
incoming calls can wait, with nothing left to say
all we did was fumble all along

the ode to life and love in the summer time
you know i told you its the ode to life and love in the summer time

No matter how eager your mind for the shuffle,
its too much too soon
we're flying high above all the hills of West Virginia
we're in a helium balloon

All the way from Boston to San Francisco
we tried and tried to keep rythm on our side
I met a man with strings on every finger
he tried so hard not to let 'em linger
he took his time and drank his share of wine,
looking for the justice in it all
cause you know i fried your brain
in it all-you know i want it-in it all- in it all

Get up and feel the flow, you got a whole lotta lovin in your soul
Get up and feel the flow, yea you got a whole lotta lovin in your soul


Written By: Bob Buckley

Miles away from the place that my mom's been living in,
in a fast-paced kind of a place is where you'll see my face
we're called the night owls,
our fun begins around about 10:30
running through fields of blue
the moon shining, life-learning
don't be afraid we're the kind of crew
we leave noone behind
we're going to sleep under the stars
i hope your parents wont mind

and tonight it's going to feel like fantasy
bringing down the tunnels in your mind
and tonight we're going to show you what life is supposed to be
we're going to show you how to savor the time
and its all alright

times have changed, my theory is strange
we're going to play our music loud
late at night, the world is asleep
we're going to keep this sacred vow

because you're lying to my face
it's a mistake i can't erase
you know it's more than sex appeal
you know it's just the way i feel


Written By: Bob Buckley

Im going places in today's world, traveling fine
people talk about hunger of realization in everything that they wont do
and everything thats coming through on you
oh no the fire is on the loose, summers on Neptune

I went and sold my naked face, i've been paid in full

rumor has it we're headed for a breakdown,
daring you to get your mind right
and finally figure out all this time is money shit
make it hit home so you can't forget
I'm moving on right here
here i am moving on right here

It's a hunger like a virgin, when they open their eyes
it's a hunger like a virgin, in a bitter disguise
it's a hunger like a virgin, in her camouflage eyes
I've been paid in full

All i need is love


Written By: Alexander Foote

Shakra Soul,
Save Yourself,
Shake yourself from the negatives that,
Wheel your mind,
Color your spirit,
Oh your energy is felt through the life of light,
Influence and accent your senses


"Get Up & Feel The Flow"- 2010
"Summers On Neptune" - 2009
"The Retro Demo" - 2007

Set List

~Drunk Off Your Kiss
~Night Owls
~River Of Wine
~Wise Up
~Layin’ It Down pt.1
~Layin' It Down pt. 2
~Float All Day
~All For The Buzz
~Three Sisters Island
~Paid In Full
~Too Much Too Soon
~Shakra Soul
~Warm Kind Of Cold
~My Mental Theatre
~In My Eternal Now
~Cash Is King
~Beware Of The Dog
~Ocean Growth
~Honey-Filled Additions

COVERS IN ROTATION- {New Covers Always Added}
~She’s So Heavy-I Want You (The Beatles)
~Fame (David Bowie)
~Everlong (Foo Fighters)
~Thriller (Michael Jackson)
~Time (Pink Floyd)
~Bullet And A Target (Citizen Cope)
~Closer (Kings Of Leon)
~Young Lust (Pink Floyd)
~Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (Rolli