The most glowing “Freekbass” testament comes from none other than bass-master, funk legend, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Famer, Bootsy Collins. While Bootsy has collaborated with numerous musicians throughout the years, including Dee-lite, Dave Stewart, Lenny Kravitz and Fat Boy Slim, Bootsy has never taken such an interest in a fellow bassist until meeting the young Chris “Freekbass” Sherman. In fact, the name “Freekbass” was ceremoniously given to Sherman, dubbed by Bootsy himself during a recording session.

“Freekbass is the new spiritual warrior for the Funk”, Bootsy says. “I’m not a big fan of playing with myself, although I have been accused of doing so in the past (smile)… this is the feeling I get when touchin’ bass with Freekbass.”

Freekbass was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. An only child, he developed a love for cartoon superheroes and comic books, relating to the underlying themes. “I always dug how these superheroes had all these powers, yet were ultimately still an outcast in society”, Freekbass recalls. “If I wasn’t Superman for Halloween, I was Elvis, so that should tell you something.”

By age 12, he was working in a local music store to work off his electric bass in lay-away. While working at the store, he began to study the classics of Larry Graham, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Parliament and Bootsy. By high school he had transferred to Cincinnati’s School for the Creative and Performing Arts, located in an urban, more diverse part of Cincinnati. There he found his home, gigging on the local scene by age 14.

Creatively, Freekbass’ style was very groove and funk oriented which differed from the pop and grunge music of the time. “Public Enemy, Stereo MC’s, Dr. Dre… that’s what I was feeling.” He co-founded the group “SHAG”, a hard-core funk band, taking it back to the musical roots he’d discovered in his childhood. During this time, he was introduced to Gary “Muggbone” Cooper, who asked Freekbass to play bass on a compilation Jimi Hendrix tribute album for P-Vine Records, Japan. Coincidentally, the recording session took place at Bootzilla Rehab Studios, recording den of none other than Boosty Collins. It was the beginning of an inspirational and enduring friendship that continues today.

As his group, SHAG started to dissolve due to the rigors of the road, Freekbass, embarked on his first solo recording project. His first effort, Ultra-Violet Impact, was picked up by Indy-label, Egg Records. In 1999, Freekbass put together a live touring group, which today includes guitarist Josh Knarr, and drummer Chip Wilson.

While Freekbass was already known for his bass playing, it was his live show that quickly won fans over. The combination of his infectious energy and unique fashion choices, word spread quickly about a live show that is true entertainment. In June of 2001, Freekbass released Body Over Mind, an expression of nasty bass grooves, combined with influences of hip-hop, dance and rock. The album has received favorable reviews from the US and Europe, including recommendations from Bass Player Magazine and Bass Frontiers Magazine. Body Over Mind was picked also up by Japanese label, Starlets/Sony, for release in Japan, September 2002.

In October of 2003, Freekbass released the follow up cd, The Air Is Fresher Underground. The cd features legends Bootsy, Catfish Collins, Bernie Worrell and famed guitarists Buckethead, Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses and John Hickey of the Woo Warriors. It also includes a video for “Always Here”, featuring Bootsy and a cameo from Buckethead. Tracks from the cd have been featured on episodes of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” and were also included on two compilation cds by Bassics Magazine and D’Addario Strings.


The Air Is Fresher Underground, 2003
Body Over Mind, 2001