BandHip Hop

FreekStyles sound comes from 2 seperate an american rap/oz hip hop sound to the other being punk/blues-soul sounding.. together they give an upbeat feeling to our songs, our style of lyric being true to ourselves and trying to express our thoughts and learnings through our music.


The Freekstyles Family started taking effect in 2004 when Matty Noble & Rick Thornton both from the Perth Hills, joined forces discovering they had similar tastes in music and the same views on life and how to express it.. Since they began in '04' until 2007 Mx Axis & Chekid Mc had not stopped writing, practicing and producing, day and night often 7 days a week for the pure love of hip hop & a perfectionists attitude towards there own sound. Not knowing when their time would come..or if..just knowing it's what made them who they were, they continued improving and growing throughout the years. In late 2007 the pair met Kyle Burton (soon known to be Vengeance Mc) who had his own unique aussie/american tone and style, his taste being that of not only australian hip hop but the old school american rap which had set inside and contributes to his sound now. The group now had not only an MC in Vengeance, but also the versatility of a singer. Not much changed after Kyle was introduced to the group, the same pace & the same passion continued, until late 2008 when the crew was introduced to Luke Jeffreys (DJ OverTone) who also had his own unique talent on the decks and passion for his work. With a child soon on the way Overtone had a lot of work ahead..but endevoured to fill the blanks in Freekstyles and still find time for his family. The Freekstyles have held back there approach to the performing world as to perfect their sound before their approach to the microphone...they are now tested and ready. Having been given Great Feedback & Positive Reactions at their Shows.. The Future Is Bright So Say Hi To The FreekStyles


Set List

Crew Life -5:40, Money-5:10, Steal The Show-3:20, Australia-3:30, Just Another Victom-4:30, Forever Is Ours-3:50, Lonely-Waiting for You (feat porsah laine)-4:20 Total set time - 30m 20s