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Fresh and original, guitar-oriented hard rock. Pretty much blues influenced.


The one-man rock 'n' roll band Freeky Cleen was started in 2004 when Ilya Polishchuk (guitar, bass, vocals, percussion and harmonica) and Alex Okhrimenko (tech) fondly decided to challenge the world’s major record labels by creating their own home studio and possibly their own label after the band had failed to get signed. They built, installed and configured their recording equipment themselves which they believed would set them apart from other recording studios in Kyiv, Ukraine (Eastern Europe) - mostly pop-oriented at the time. Ilya came to try the new gear and soon he got so involved with exploring new sonic ideas that he felt he should take a chance to capture a few original songs previously kept in cold storage. As a result of this blistering effort Freeky Cleen's debut album "Infertility" was released in 2005. The album contained all original compositions with elements of hard rock, boogie woogie, and rhythm and blues which reflected the band's kick-ass back-to-the-roots attitude. The early hits by Freeky Cleen such as “Evil Mother” and “Dead Man’s Show” brought the band to local “celebrity” status in Kyiv and established Freeky Cleen as soul-mates to US sleaze rockers of the late 80s. Technically restricted to their own sound, the guys went on to develop better sonic concepts which led them to record a new album entitled “Augean Stables” (2006). The second Freeky Cleen’s album incorporated memorable songs such as “Male Chauvinist Pig”, “What It Takes” and a power ballad "One For Me" which held a dynamic balance of Ilya’s expressive roar with his dexterity on the guitar. The album “Augean Stables” received very positive reviews. The latest album “Street Roots” (2009) contains powerful tunes like “Jellyroll Lovin”, "Many Is The Time" and awesome rocking songs like "Wastin' Time" which really beg to be heard.


Jellyroll Lovin'

Written By: Ilya Polishshuk

Jellyroll Lovin’

Never been cheated, never been lonely
Your wind kept blowing and calling my name
City night dreaming lucky ones only
I’d never thought I would have been part of your game

Dancing with the devils of your shining beauty
Always keeps me burning the midnight oil
Never found out that you was playing booty
Never ever letting things come to the boil

Mean old lady you got me feeling jaded
Love’s coming down when you’ve got somebody new
Your jelly roll loving was much too overrated
Should’ve known better what I might’ve been through

Summer breeze blowing, roses ain’t growing
Friends say nothing nobody cares
Edge of my dreaming ain’t what it’s seeming
Still got something rolling my blues away

Sittin’ up late down in my kitchen
Pondering on that lesson of love
Your cheap blue movie is a double feature
Ain’t gonna be in your scene that is rough yeah

In The Mood

Written By: Ilya Polishshuk

Sometimes you may begin to know
Life kind of makes you blind - too blind to see
At times you’re almost slipping out of love
Does it leave you feeling free?

Riding your luck for so very long but
Would it ever make you give up your dream?
Things can turn so badly wrong
But they’re never what they seem

Just keep on walking
If you’re going it alone
Feeling so broken
When the crying is done
So underrated yeah
And misunderstood
Traps have been baited
Are you in the mood?

You may be losing what you’ve got
But it only goes to show ooh yeah
Your mind can only reach so far
You will never ever know

Good Lord will bless your broken road
When your heart is filled with pain…
Now let me share your heavy load
Things will never be the same

You Can't Save Me

Written By: Ilya Polishshuk

I can be your poison drink
Or whatever else you’d think
I can ease your worried mind
I got ways to heal

Now I’m just another man
Never learned to feel ashamed
Never learned to live again
Never learned to be

You may know me like no other
You may be so much of me
You can fill my head with things I can believe in
But you can’t save me

I believe I’ll dust my broom
I believe I’ll lose you soon
You’re the brightest one I knew
When the lights go down

Standing on a lonely street
Ain’t nobody else to meet
I will tell you lies again
That’s enough to say


Infertility (2005)
Augeans Stables (2006)
Street Roots (2009)

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