Four guys who met only six months ago, with no gimmicks, no bullshit, bound and determined, with nothing to hold them back. Relying on strength, determination, and a need to jam, "if it ain't jammin' then you're just wastin' time"


The Inception
After the breakup of his band, Fluent, Buddha was ready for a change. He moved to California and spent a year singing for San Diego based punk-rock band, Bad Mamajamma. When he returned to West Michigan he had a new outlook on music and a higher respect for the heavy metal roots he had left behind. While posting a “Musicians Wanted” ad at Guitar Center, Buddha ran into former band mate and friend Jesse Davis who had just concluded a two year stint with local horror-punk band, the Necrophilicons. Buddha and Jesse instantly began reminiscing about their past work with Fluent, a Grand Rapids metal band that was a favorite with the local crowds. From there they discussed what they were looking for in their next endeavor. The two felt that there was far more to their encounter than mere coincidence and the search was on to find a band that wasn’t concerned with genres and mass appeal. They wanted a band that was creatively harmonious, with each member contributing to the song writing process. Little did they know that thirty miles South of Grand Rapids two other musicians were on a similar search.
Following the breakup of Black Tooth Grin, Dustin Rae began his quest to find a drummer that could energize his onslaught of screaming guitar riffs. Justin Glover was the first name that came to mind. Six years prior, Dustin had seen Justin performing with a cover band at a party and was thoroughly impressed with Justin’s flawless execution of “Surfacing” by Slipknot. He figured that any drummer that could hold his own with Slipknot could hold his own with him. Not knowing how to get in touch with him, Dustin tracked down Justin’s mother and requested his phone number. Dustin made the call and the two instantly hit it off and began rocking on their free time. In a search for likeminded musicians, Dustin turned to the internet and read an ad that Jesse had posted on The two set up a time and date to meet and the rest, as they say, is history.
The merger of these two duos was similar to four warheads colliding in mid-air, creating a hard-rock explosion that could be felt for miles. All four members felt like they had known each other for years and this was evident in the music that began pouring out of them. The guys knew this wasn’t going to be like anything they had ever been a part of and couldn’t wait to get started. The only thing that was holding them back was the need for a practice spot. Because of geographical challenges, Buddha’s home in Holland was an ideal location for the band so they decided to practice there. After a month of smashing, cutting and hammering the band finally had a soundproof practice studio to call home. Freeloader was born and immediately put its nose to the grindstone to create a sound like no other.

The Here and Now
Since it’s birth in late 2004, Freeloader has accomplished its short-term goals, creating a high-energy nine song set of pure hard-rock music that rises above the local norm. Buddha’s melodic yet rugged vocals are brought to life through Dustin’s unique guitar style then reinforced by Jesse and Justin’s air-tight bass and drum coordination. The bands influences such as Clutch, Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath and Pantera are evident but not mimicked in Freeloader’s unique blend of metal and hard-rock stylings. These guys are true musicians that value integrity and don’t believe in producing more of the “same old same old”. They have declared war on copycats and trend bands. And like a small troop of blood thirsty soldiers, Freeloader is poised and eager for the battle ahead. Victory is the only option.

Set List

The Rules
The Righteous Sound
Asleep at the Wheel
Bitter End
Death Can't Help
Take a Number
Six Feet Deep

As well as other unamed songs