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"1st gig in London"

Title: New band making waves

Freemaker @ The Borderline, London

Although no ones heard of this Liverpool-based five piece yet, theyre supporting Echo & The Bunnymen at KOKO on June 4. And on the strength of their performance at Manette Streets Borderline last week- its nothing less than they deserve. It was an all-round brilliant gig.

Frontman Andrew Metcalf belted out a motley mix of well written vocals, backed up by some brilliant interplay between guitarists Peter and Dave, neither of whom were greedy with the delivery of many catchy guitar hooks.

For a relatively unknown band, they command the stage with a swagger and confidence that would be more fitting for a gig at the nearby Astoria. And their No gimmicks, just music policy shone though in what was a great show of talent from a band with the potential to go all the way to the top.

Considering theyre a band that havent been around for any great time, a striking feature of their performance was the variety of songs on offer, the best of which was the uplifting leaves.

Reviewed by Henry Kirby
- Camden New Journal

"EP review"

Liverpool's Freemaker peer out of their promo shot like the runners up at a Richard Ashcroft look-a-like contest (they couldn't win because the only similarity is that they have that all-black tight leather jacket look going on!)

It's a completely un-Verve-esque affair in terms of music though, with a blasting retro-rock outpouring that compares to The Rifles with bits of The Kooks going on in there too.

'Leaves' is alright to start with, although it's strangely un-engaging for a few moments before it heads into a great spiky section that grabs you by the arm and thrusts you into the rollercoaster of a chorus without fastening that really uncomfortable bar that crushes your shoulder blades.

It's the lyrics that drag you into the next song, 'Cold Ashes', which adds the emotional epic qualities of a Coldplay composition into the shell of a rock song. What this means is you get that hunched over tearful feel without all the dull 'waiting around for something to happen' stuff.

They've gone and saved the best 'till last with 'The Wire', which grips from the intro, right the way through the unusual verse and teasing build ups. The chorus isn't the biggest on the record; that award goes to 'Leaves', but the invention contained in this song deserves some kind of nameing rights.

It's not difficult to imagine why they got the support slot on the Echo and the Bunnymen UK tour after listening to this.
- The Mag (

"Single review"

Freemaker - The Gates

“No gimmicks, just music” is how Freemaker describe their style, and it’s definitely working for them, with this brilliant debut single. With their confident and instantly catchy brand of rock n roll with soul sounding like a cross between The La’s and Oasis with a hint of Stereophonics, these 5 Scousers have made their mark with this incredibly accomplished record that sounds like they’ve been around and established for a long time.

'The GATES' is a straight up indie rock anthem with an insanely catchy chorus that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Combining Killers-esque indie anthemic qualities with Oasis style swagger and attitude, it has an admirable self-assurance in its quality that belies their relative newcomer status.

After researching more about the the band through there myspace page it obvious Freemaker are very special indeed.

Songs such as 'Cold Ashes' which offers an edgier soundtrack to a darker side of rock ‘n roll life, with guitar hooks reminiscent of Kasabian running through, building up to a catchy, upbeat chorus. It’s an atmospheric song, creating a tense and uneasy tone throughout combined with the captivating chorus, sounding like a modern anthem to troubled times.

Finally 'The Wire' is a standout track, sounding like a true indie rock n roll anthem that belongs on the stage with masses of fans screaming it back at them. Lead singer Andrew Metcalfe really excels on this track, with his raw, soulful singing voice, not unlike Liam Gallagher’s, injecting the perfect amount of passion and aggression into this giant of a song. Freemaker have produced a brilliant debut, proving themselves to be an obviously talented and very much welcome addition to the thriving indie scene.

"EP review"

Usually, a band who proclaim 'no gimmicks, just listen to the music' are eother a combination of boring, untalented and ugly. Or all three. Now there's no denying Freemaker are a bit Shed Seven in their publicity photo and I've never seen them live, so can't tell whether they're boring or not, but there is some evidence of talent at work.

Naturally with the word 'anthemic' being waved in their general direction it all goes a bit Snow Patrol in places but there is a raw, ragged edge fighting through the jangle. If they can rein in some of the C86 guitars, then there's definitely a chance for them to shine.

- The Rocker

""Living the dream!""

IF you're a regular passenger on the 433 from Seacombe to Liverpool, you may have noticed a lone figure furiously scribbling on a pad on his knee.

Save your giggles forever more because he's not a bus spotter but a bona fide rock star.

Former Mosslands pupil Andy Metcalfe uses the daily commute from his Wallasey home to the studio in Allerton, South Liverpool, to pen lyrics for his band.

Twenty-four-year-old Andy is lead singer for Wallasey-based group Freemaker, who play a special gig to launch Sentric Music at Liverpool's Carling Academy 2 tomorrow (Thursday, October 4).

Formed three years ago by Andy and fellow school friends, bassist Leon McNulty and guitarist Peter Flynn, the line-up was completed by former Echo and the Bunneymen drummer Si Finley and guitarist Dave Hirst.

But it wasn't until 18 months ago that the young men started to take their position as artists much more seriously.

For me, Leon and Peter this is the only band we've been in," said Andy. "We just decided drunkenly one day to form a band. We started gigging and met Si and Dave and then we knew we were complete - we sounded 20 times better!

"For the past 18 months we've been working really, really hard. We spend all day, every day in the studio.

"Now we've given up our day jobs we can really focus on creating the best music we can. You can't really make it just rehearsing part-time - you have to live it!"

An interview and performance from the band was broadcast on Janice Long's Radio 2 show on Sunday and they plan to take on America at the South by Southwest festival in Texas next year.

Their debut single - The Gates' - will be available to download from iTunes with a full UK tour before the end of 2007 and a follow-up single will be released in the New Year.

The launch of Sentric will see four of Merseyside's most popular bands take to the stage. Joining Freemaker will be The Aeroplanes, 28 Costumes and The Alphites.

Tickets for tomorrow's show are from Doors open at 7pm. To find out more about Sentrick visit

- The Wirral Globe

"Live preview"

Freemaker’s songs sparkle with sublime melodies, driving guitar hooks and crashing drum beats, and Andrew Metcalf’s soaring vocals mark them out as ones to watch. Catch them tonight, hosting the Big Bang at Zanzibar, and be impressed.

Standout song: The Gates

- Trinity Mirror

"EP Review"

Making an energetic sounding indie-rock racket, Freemaker are a Liverpool based five piece fusing the anthemic rockisms of Echo And The Bunnymen to the pop fuelled enthusiasm of Supergrass.
On their FREEMAKER EP, the band hit the ground running with a trio of songs that immediately grab you hold and refuse to let go in a flurry of spiralling guitar noise, frenetic drum patterns and upbeat melodicism.
LEAVES is an upfront slice of enthusiastic indie-rock that makes out like early Oasis jamming with The La's, choppy guitar chords and fired up riffs jostling with frantic drum hits and Andrew Metcalfe's joyous vocals, an anthemic sounding howl that fits somewhere between Ian McCulloch, Liam Gallagher and Lee Mavers.

The equally in-your-face and immediate sounding COLD ASHES and THE WIRE are further reasons to start getting excited about Freemaker, striking that difficult balance between radio-friendly and snarling attitude with relative ease.

Jam packed with pop fuelled energy and indie-rock attitude, Freemaker are a band who surely can't fail. With the FREEMAKER EP they're making a bold and ambitious statement of intent, a trio of anthemic sounding songs that are sure to win them more than a few admirers -

"EP review"

With Jet’s garage buzzed stomp mixed with Razorlight’s anthemic bluster, Freemaker are onto great things - just watch this space! - Subba Cultcha


Debut Single:

a) 'The Gates'
b) 'In The End'

Released on 24-100 Records, available to download through iTunes.

Live session BBC Radio 2 - Oct 1st 2007
The Gates, Leaves, See It All.

'She Sell's Sanctaury' (The Cult)
released on Sound 07 - a 6 track EP featuring the best in Liverpool music including The Coral and Echo & The Bunnymen



The first 6 months of 2008 will see Freemaker release three new singles with full national/regional radio & PR campaigns and UK tours.

Formed in Liverpool (Eng) 2005 Freemaker are as ambitious as they come. Never one's to be part of Liverpool's endless jingle jangle cycle of sound Freemaker are more ‘Echo & The Bunnymen’ than ‘Gerry and The Pacemakers'. In fact touring the UK with the Bunnymen in 2006 (a mind-blowing coup for an unsigned band) gave them a taste of the big stage and, never fazed by anything in their young career, most people would say they blew the main act away…. just don’t tell the Bunnymen that!

Singer and main songwriter Andy Metcalfe has been blessed with a voice in true British rock style. Think Rodger Daltry, ‘Free’'s Paul Rodgers or Lennon at his rasping best. Brilliant melodies, raw talent and heartfelt passion are three things that usually help to make great music, Freemaker have them all and more.

The band have built a loyal following in London, Manchester and their hometown of Liverpool where they host a thriving monthly band night inviting their favourite bands and musician friends to appear…. including Echo & The Bunnymen (Will Sergeant), The Coral, and The Seal Cub Clubbing Club.

Not long after a sell out gig at London’s KOKO Freemaker were offered and are currently in neqotiations over a 6-figure publishing deal by P&P Songs.

Late 2006 saw the band invited to play at the official UK showcases at Berlin’s Popkomm festival and Manchester’s ‘In The City’.

2007 has been an eventful year so far. A fan has kindly (!) donated a large building on Liverpool’s infamous Penny Lane, which the band have quickly turned into a rehearsal and recording studio with very little money and a lot of sweat! And with the building also being an old social club impromptu (and probably illegal!) gigs are a regular occurrence.

At the start of the year the band teamed up with Arctic Monkeys producer Mike Crossey to work on recordings for release on their own label 24-100. The first release on the label in May, their debut single ‘The Gates’, has sold over 1000 downloads so far.

The band were then asked to record a song for the Sound '07 compilation EP featuring the best in Liverpool music. The 6 track cd included The Coral & Echo & The Bunnymen (there they are again!).

After already recieving regular plays and being invited in for sessions on BBC radio Merseyside, City FM and Juice FM, Fremaker have since made their debut national radio appearance when asked to play a live session for BBC Radio 2. Janice Long said the band where "the best new band we've had on here in ages!". Having secured the services of some of the most respected radio pluggers, PR companies and agents in the country, they have been back in the studio with Dan Hulme (The Coral, Cherry’s Ghost, Deltasonic) recording new releases for early 2008.